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Amber Wildfire
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those must be awesome cookies! Anything other than the greek yogurt I've been eating would be great! (as awesome as greek yogurt is, it gets tiring after a while).
Yes! OMG! My MIL got my ODS several of those, and I stupidly put batteries in one of them (at least it was only one!), then when I turned the lights out at night, it would make all of these jungle animal sounds. I of course couldn't find all of the pieces, so I had to use pieces of black construction paper to cover the sensors.
I hate the creepy doll aisle! I'm glad I have boys and rarely have a reason to walk down it, lol.
Except when your two year old decides to sleep with him, rolls on him and (in our case, Scout) wakes up and says, "Hi Alex! Wanna play?" as to which the 2yo replies - "NO Scout, I trying to sleep!" These toys need to come with a light sensor - if it's pitch black in the room, don't freaking turn on!
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Dec 17, 2011