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I know exactly what this feels like. I LOVE CBT and my ex could make me squirm like crazy. There were two levels: the endorphin-y and the if-you-don't-stop-i'm-going-to-have-to-safeword. I loved taking it. I'd have to continue to pleasure her while she made me feel agony. It got to the point where we trusted each other enough that I couldn't safeword. (I am always reticent to admit that, cos it's so taboo to some people, but we never did anything outside of SSC) I loved saying "red! red! RED REDREDREDREDRED!" and she wouldn't stop. But your paradox was there. I loved it, I was her toy, at her whim, but I enjoyed it so conversely it wasn't enough. I don't think it's never enough. Like you mentioned, the in-your-head fantasies are what we strive to feel in the real world and we never get close. But we never stop trying!
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Aug 31, 2010