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Willard Shmekel
Pie Town, New Mexico
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Let's just hope the final decision is not left up to El Presidente Natalicio. She will want to honor her beloved Mexico by deciding that new fight song will be "La Cucaracha."
The issue really will not affect UTEP, which does not have a snowball's chance in hell of becoming a Tier One institution. UTEP's biggest obstacle is its incompetent president, whose insistence on retaining an absurd open admission policy will preclude UTEP from serious consideration.
Too bad that UTEP fans know all-too-well what beer is. While they're busy getting drunk and acting like the Frito Bandito, BYU fans have the pleasure of watching their teams win (typically) -- not to mention supporting a university with high academic standards.
Why should Mike Price fear rust? Price is old and made up of rust. How old is he? Price is so old that... - he has the numbers of all the apostles in his Blackberry; - he sat next to Jesus in the third grade; - he played college football with dinosaurs.
The BYU offensive linesmen should sit out the game and put their "four kids" in to replace them. Maybe then UTEP might have a chance to win.
Forget about Banowsky going to El Aviv. Have him come to El Paso to work some of his magic. I would like to have the dude arrange for a trade -- send Mike Price to a coaching job at a desperate junior college in Mississippi. In exchange, UTEP will get some hot cheerleaders who don't look like they just stepped off a bus from Juarez. Now THAT would earn Banowsky the title of Super Genius.
Yo, Big Mo! UTEP in the Sun Bowl?!? Are you freakin' serious?!? CBS would never go for a lightweight, wannabe contender like UTEP in ITS bowl game. The New Mexico Bowl is a perfect fit -- it's an obscure bowl that will enable JUTEP to play a real team while avoiding the embarrassment of having a massive TV audience watch them being outplayed and out-coached. Also, mama and papa can fit the little rug rats into the family van and scurry up to Albuquerque to watch their JUTEP Miners lose, but at least doing so someplace other than in El Paso.
If Mike Price is the best we can do, may God help President Natalicio find the wisdom to relegate UTEP to the NCAA Division 1 FCS. Oh, sorry. "Natalicio" and "wisdom" are two completely distinct entities that never shall cross paths. We then will be stuck with a has-been coach and empty dreams to go along with the empty stadium seats.
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Oct 27, 2010