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Willem Suyderhoud
Los Angeles, CA
MBA Candidate at UCLA Anderson, former sports television anchor/reporter/producer
Interests: Television, new media, sports, golf, fitness, snowboarding
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Hi Matt, Yes, I accept my nomination. Best, Willem Willem Suyderhoud MBA Candidate, Class of 2013 UCLA Anderson School of Management 415.531.0831
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2012 on Hire Learning at The MBA Student Voice
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This blog post is long overdue (what’s new?) and I think at this point, the admissions office has hired a personal investigator to chase me down. But my thinking is that television networks aren’t running new shows during the summer, so why should I be producing new blog posts? It’s fuzzy logic, but it’s all I have. No, the truth is, I’ve been really busy this summer with my internship. I’m working a lot of hours (to all my banker friends, don't laugh), which hasn't given me much time to wax poetic about my life these past nine weeks. But as I’m writing now, I’m stuck on an airplane on my way to New York for work. So I’m trapped with a subpar Eddie Murphy movie on in the background (can we just have 1980s Eddie back, please?) and have nothing to do but put some thoughts down on paper. I'll be in New York for a photo shoot. Not of me. That’d make just too much sense. For those of you who aren’t regular readers (and I don’t blame you, because I’m not a regular writer), I’m spending my summer working in global corporate communications at Nike in Beaverton, Ore. It’s been an incredible experience so far. I’m contributing to some very interesting projects, learning quite a bit about how Nike operates and the products it makes, and meeting a number of remarkably talented people. I’ve also been able to take advantage of some uniquely Nike perks, such as... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2012 at The MBA Student Voice
As I write this, I’m sitting on a beach drinking a Mai Tai. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m sitting in my apartment watching SportsCenter. But it is spring break and that’s cause for a celebration worthy of some sort of umbrella-garnished beverage. Winter quarter is now over, which is a relief. For most of us, the past quarter was characterized by a mad dash for internships. As I previously posted, I spent much of it recruiting for an entertainment/sports internship. I’m happy to report that I’ll be working at Nike this summer. So I now have two things in common with LeBron James. We both can dunk, and we’ll both be getting paid by Nike this summer. Ok, maybe it’s just one thing in common. Still, I’m pretty fired up for my adventure in Oregon. I’m also excited for what’s to come in the following weeks. From what second year students tell me, spring quarter is second to none. For one, we can expect beach weather every day (yes Randy Newman, I love L.A.). Also, there are several amazing Anderson events on tap this spring. Next week we have the PULSE Conference. The Entertainment Management Association, Sports Business Association and UCLA Anderson Center for Managing Enterprises in Media, Entertainment and Sports are hosting a day-long conference to address some of the biggest issues facing the entertainment and sports industries. A number of prominent industry professionals will speak, including Ron Meyer, the President and COO of Universal Studios. If you’re in... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2012 at The MBA Student Voice
In college football, signing day is a big deal. It marks the first day a recruit can sign a letter of intent to play college football. It also represents the culmination of what can be four years of recruiting. Signing day was especially kind to UCLA this year, as the Bruins hauled in a class that some analysts rank as high as number 12 in the nation. Why am I mentioning this? I don’t know. Maybe more people will go to Anderson tailgates next year. What I’m getting at is that it’d be really nice if business school had a signing day. Why can’t the first Wednesday in February be the day in which every first-year student signs a letter of intent for a summer internship? Wishful thinking, I guess. Still, many of my friends have landed their summer gigs. If you’re an investment banker, you’ve most likely accepted an offer. Same goes with some on the consulting and marketing career paths. But for those of us who are chasing more non-traditional MBA roles, the recruiting process can take longer. As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m recruiting for entertainment. I liken entertainment recruiting to Chicago winters. They can start as early as September and last into April or May. I started the recruiting process in September by reaching out to alumni for informational interviews. Right now I’m sending out applications and doing a few interviews. But I’ve fully conditioned myself to the fact that I may not have an... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2012 at The MBA Student Voice
I’d like to start this post by wishing everyone a happy holiday season. I’m especially happy this holiday season because finals are over. Not that I don’t like taking four three-hour exams in consecutive days, but…wait, yeah, I don’t like taking four three-hour exams in consecutive days. All kidding aside, last week was finals week and it was an incredibly challenging experience. After I wrapped up my accounting exam, the final of all finals, I thought I’d want to run out of the room and be greeted by falling confetti and an overflowing bottle of champagne. Instead, I was so mentally exhausted from the week that all I wanted to do was sleep. To all of my classmates, I apologize for my zombie-like demeanor the rest of the day. But honestly, now that I’m a week removed from finals, I can look back on the quarter and really appreciate how much I learned. The professors were fantastic, the material engaging, and the classmate collaborators inspiring. It was an unbelievably arduous and humbling quarter, but one that I can look back on quite fondly. You know what else I can look back on fondly? The Anderson Breckenridge Ski Trip. Yep, once finals wrapped up, I, along with 100-plus of my classmates, left on a jet plane to (John) Denver and bused to Breckenridge, Colorado. There we skied (or boarded depending on your preference), hot tubbed, enjoyed a few adult beverages and were model guests at the Mountain Thunder Lodge. Jim Mora,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2011 at The MBA Student Voice
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Oct 10, 2011