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Wherever ;) But for now Toronto
I may not be able to enjoy life here like it is, but its up to all of us to make life better so that more people don't feel the same way. :)
Interests: life; and its betterment, love; and all that it entails, and happiness; with its convenient contagiousness.
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Great point. It helps to remind you -or at least make you believe- that this doesn't just have to be a pretty story, but an actual possibility. I hate to get so political so often but I love it when films allow you to be entertained but put across such great points. Pictures like this will also help to inspire people who are a little depressed after watching the film (like I was) when they realized that we are closer in reality to the villains of the story, rather than the peaceful Na'vi.
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Jan 2, 2010
Believe me I would love to join you. But before we decide to drop everything and run into the forest, the real problems need to be solved. Like the fact that not everyone on Earth would be into forming a tribe and eventually, like most other tribes, we would be forced to either assimilate or die (just like the Na'vi). The sad truth is that it is up to some of us to forfeit the dream life in order to secure it for our future generations. Which I would say is the responsibility of every would-be Na'vi; otherwise it will only ever be a movie.
I would just like to start by saying this site just made my day! The funny bit is that I have been feeling this way (that earth would be alot better off without us) for a very long time and... Continue reading
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Jan 2, 2010