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William Baker
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I'd recommend looking up Chase Jarvis's book "Seattle 100: Portraits of a City" - I've not encountered any book that does monochrome better from a printing/reproduction standpoint.
Going to work every day, it's my iPhone 4s that gets the most action. When I'm out with the intent of taking photos, I've been spending equal time between my Fuji X100 and my NEX5n with the 16mm and the wide adapter attached - I'm finding that combination covers most of my needed bases and would be filled with grief at the loss of either of them. The only real void I find in my life is a lack of a serious film body for some slow, pragmatic moments - for that I've started a fund to save up for a decent used M series body and some nice glass, but that's pretty pie in the sky at present for me.
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Dec 1, 2011