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Agree with Colin Ferguson here.
Landon, no doubt. But after him Harkes because he's a hometown hero and one of the first guys to do well overseas. Cleetus, because he was the man for a good year and a half. Kasey Keller, because he kept us in games we had no business being in. McHead because he's all about the team and getting a result. Favorite who didn't make the list: Cherundolo. Been quietly anchoring his position for a good ten years with nary a peep.
@Goalscorer24: I didn't say coaches don't make a difference. I said: No new coach is going to raise the individual skill level of any player. Why do people have such a hard time reading without injecting what they think another person said, despite evidence to the contrary? Here's the problem---fans are looking for a coach who will take our team, which is solid but ordinary in many areas and peppered with a few very good players, to the semi-finals of the World Cup. It will take something more than a good coach to do this. Better players and more of them to choose from have to be major components in that mix.
We're a top 16 side. Toward the bottom of 16, but still in the top 16. As far as scrubs, not true. Any side that has Deuce, Donovan, Howard and Bradley to name a few could never be considered a team of scrubs. But your point is well taken, Matt. No new coach is going to raise the individual skill level of any player. CAP coached Brazil to a World Cup win, then a few years later failed to transmute lead to gold when he coached a very poor Metrostars team.
I hope the Germans thrash the Dutch in the final (assuming the Germans get past Spain). I'd like to see Uruguay take 3rd place. Hard working side.
Two possible reasons: 1) To put someone in who hadn't seen any playing time during the tournament, OR 2) Forlan picked up a knock and asked to be subbed.
Thank you for making sense.
Gyan is responsible for not burying the ball, to be sure. But it's understandable---after two hours of football at the highest level of competition, Gyan had to be exhausted.
Lighten up, Francis.
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2010 on Happy Independence Day from SBI at Soccer By Ives
Agreed, Tim, on the defender issue. We've come close to having some decent defenders. While the arc between guys like John Doyle to present day players like Boca and Cherundolo is there, more improvement has to come if we are to hold our own consistently.
Wild if true. Germany looks as though it's the Brazil we've come to expect, but in German uniforms. Been watching for ages and don't remember this joyous creativity in their game. Truly the revelation of the tournament.
Tim, I keep saying to people, if you watched as far back as 1990 or earlier we were truly awful. We struggled to not lose by boatloads of goals to Mexico. Our progress, particularly since 1998, has been stunning. Slow going at times, but now we're not happy with simply getting out of the group phase. That's progress!
Does this destroy the myth that the only thing the Germans are good for in football is clean tackling and tense defensive displays? (I've believed this for a long time myself.)
I'm not a journo, but I cop to buying into the "African teams will do well because it's Africa hype." My bad!
Has Paul made a decision about Spain?
What a game. Is there any way it won't be Netherlands v Germany in the final? Germany looks unstoppable. Can we extrapolate and say that the Bundesliga (where all of them play, I believe: mostly München, Bremen and Hamburg) is a hugely underrated league? Or is the right conclusion to say that German tactics and coaching are underrated? Both? Curious about what y'all think.
When I said stated goal, I was talking about Bradley and what he said in the run-up. We all know about Project 2010, but they never implemented Coach Q's plan. Academies, etc...none of this ever happened.
Word. Well put.
The original goal was to make it out of the group. We did that. We lost to a pretty good side in extra time. Coaching errors were made; nerves were evident. Still, I am proud of the boys and glad Bornstein showed well in the final game. Better luck in 2014, guys.
Agreed. I think fatigue was creeping in. He won't be around the next World Cup---he's what, 31 or so now?
Wolverine had an American grandmother and thus is eligible to play for us.
You're worried about the team photos?
While your style of punctuation leaves a lot to be desired, you seem to be a decent guy. Respek!
Bornstein is, as another poster noted, in over his head on the international level. He was okay in the Algeria game, but a technically superior opponent would have burned us badly with him as an outside back. Bornstein's role should normally be restricted to late game sub --- starting him against any of the teams we are likely to play would be a big roll of the dice.
There are some taverns in the downtown area near the Hilton. This one joint always has sports on...wish I could remember the name of the place, but if you start at the Hilton on 2nd street and go north, one of the first streets on your right has a few places. You could probably look up the name.