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An interesting and accurate assessment of the inability of brands to foce their version of the conversation on the masses, but I'd add that it was ever so, what's different with the Societal Web ( see ) that we now have is not that people are suddenly taking an alternative view, but that they have reach and authority when the do so. Brands can ignore them or engage and the balance is difficult to get right, or impossible. So, what brands must do is optimise their engagement, and the best results probably come form dealing and correcting, rapidly, what they do that is wrong, acknowledging mistakes, and supporting change based on consumer needs and opinions. At the same time they need to beware of being pushed into inappropriate action by a vociferous vocal minority. In the example above the question is one of a public opinion being educated that palm oil is bad and a product that uses some. It probably doesn't matter if they take care to source it responsibly and sustainably and ensure that there is no (further) impact on wildlife, so the possible actions they can take are to either use a different product, or, guarantee an area of habitat that protects more than the space required for their consumption. Both probably have a cost. The key is to be seen to be listening and caring without being a push over.
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Aug 14, 2010