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William Harasym for Congress 2014
Sheridan, WY USA
Progressive environmental and political activist
Interests: Politics, computers, NatGeo, Environment, traveling, sports like football and baseball, reading, and sometimes writing.
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Jan 24, 2014
Earlier this week, my West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said the following about whether people should be drinking the water in Charleston and downstream: "It's your decision....I'm not a scientist."For the 300,000 people affected by the coal chemical spill from two weeks ago, I bet that's very reassuring. Quite... Continue reading
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182 of President Obama's Accomplishments! With Citations! If you're one of those people who thinks President Obama is a "disappointment," condolences for not getting your unicorn. And it's time to grow up, get over it. We have four months to go before an election that will feature more political ads... Continue reading
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Jan 29, 2012
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Jan 29, 2012
If you're one of those folks who thinks President Obama is a "disappointment," you must not have been paying attention the last thre years, because the concept is ridiculous. And those of you who try to draw comparisons withthe Bush Administration should consider putting away the hallucinogens and have your... Continue reading
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The hardest. Well, football is on the TV, and I am messing with all the different blogs I have, and rarely write in, and trying to get them all syncronized! Yeah, I did it. For now I am going to go out and investigate 1617 N. Main St. Suite B,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2010 at HARASYM For Congress in 2014!
Well, IdahoAnnie, I live in Wyoming, and you betcha, wolves roamed here at one time and are coming back, which I am so glad for. You can throw them in my backyard anytime. Again the fear-mongering is in overdrive, along with the myths perpetrates by the anti-wolf folks. And what kind of person lets their small animal defend their masters land? And in Challis - a town right beside the Frank Church Wilderness area none the less. I can see you now, sitting in your kitchen, freaking out, and screaming at your 2 little daughters, "The wolves are coming, the wolves are coming! Quick, run for your lives!" Not! Are you hoping that wolves attack a human to prove your point? And living so close to a Wilderness Area, aren't there other critters that may attack your daughters, like cougars, bears, coyotes, wild dogs, wolverines, badges, or even an ornery moose? Let's get real here, you chose to live in an area where wild animals roam, and now you are concerned about the dreaded wolf, when in fact, other critters from your wilderness area already have a history of attacking humans. Come on, who we kidding here. I understand you have an agenda, so why beat around the bush. And, I have heard personal testimony from a friend of a friend that wolves do carry flashcards, identifying human children (Which have a big red circle with a red slash diagonally across it.) and pictures of animals (Which have a green circle on them) so as to make sure they attack the right species. As far as the stalking your friend story, that added a nice touch, but in court, we would call that hearsay evidence, and it would be inadmissible.People, on occassion make up or exaggerate things to suit their agenda. And even if it is on the record as you say, is their confirmation of said stalking? Probably not. My advice for you is either kill all the wildlife in your area, and the wilderness area to protect your daughters, or move. The choice is yours, but please leave your sob-story at home. And watch those daughters of yours, because I really do care about them. Reproduce rapidly? Ummm, like rabbits, mice, lemmings and hamsters? Or like once a year like wolves. maybe 4-7 pups, and they all always don't live. Ummm, reproduce rapidly is all relative. Good night and good luck IdahoAnnie!