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Sir Ebini: The AAC II of 1994 in Bamenda, which you did not attend because you had left for the US, actually transformed the AAC to SCNC. Furthermore, the SCNC was technically dissolved in 2000 as it was transformed in April to a Constituent Assembly according to the Bamenda Proclamations. You have a good point though that, after 2000, technically there should have been no more of SCNC, but a nation. True, this reversal, for whatever reason did not serve the cause well. Today in 2008, that error has been rectified as we have the nation--BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS, with all the symbols agreed to at the 2000 Constituent Assembly. There is continuity in the struggle. Yes ALL anglophone Council is dead, and rightly so, that is why BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS is living. Whether this British Southern Cameroons will have another name is the decision of the people after total and unconditional Independence, and sovereignty which is not too far. You will keep guessing for as long as we determine. We make the call. If you came out as first Ambassador of AAC, a faithful person of the cause should have formed the All Anglophone Cultural Conference, or provided leadership to advance the struggle. Instead you sold out your conscience for pennies and whisky. LRC invited the AAC to Yaounde and sleazily put under the table the Consitutional draft that AAC came with. I tell you, a Higher body will invite LRC and the British Southern Cameroons, not to Yaounde this time around. Just watch and see the dreams of Munzu, Elad, Wache, come to pass. In a relay race, each of the four runners does a lap and waits for victory. This is in the making as the Elads, Munzus, Waches have handed the baton praying for victory. Whether they talk or not is immaterial. you are not even their mouthpiece. Hold your peace. The All Cultural group will soon become All British Southern Cameroons Cultural Extravaganza in the USA. It is coming. Be prepared to eat your words. LongLive British Southern Cameroons! William