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You have to remember the hysterical ranting from ranchers about wolf depredation has always worked in the past- even recently when Ken Salazar (rancher) was sympathetic to the ranchers plight when he engineered the delisting rider in the NRM with the help of a democratic administration....500 + wolves killed to date....If ranchers would do a few simple things like remove carcasses and bone piles, use range riders, and use dogs like anatolian shepherd dogs- the damage would be minimized..... Not to mention the sniveling hunting community who always whine about decimated game herds when the facts clearly show otherwise.....There are over 380,000 elk in the NRM yet if you listen to outfitters you would think the sky has fallen from all the carnage the wolf has caused. The misplaced aggression towards this animal is puzzling- one thing is clear- this isn't really about wolves. Read George Wuerthner's latest column on Ralph Maughns Wildlife News entitled- "to kill a mockingbird". George is right on. We must move past our kill kill kill culture
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May 16, 2012