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William Payne
Software Development, Machine Learning & Human Factors.
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Just because productivity is hard to measure does not mean that it is nonexistent. Having said that, however, most of the proxies that we use to quantify productivity (because it is difficult to measure directly) are pretty useless on their own. Productivity is a complex, multi-dimensional phenomenon that defies accurate measurement. There exist a number of metrics that appear to be correlated with productivity, but using one (or a small number) of these has historically proven to be a poor way to measure performance. Some people have spent time thinking about this: ... but it is clearly not an easy nor straightforwards problem to solve. In my mind, productivity metrics are only a small facet of a larger problem: How do we conceptualise the management of the discipline of software engineering. What models do we use to organize our teams in the most effective way? Whilst I am a mere dilettante in this area, and am nowhere near to reaching any conclusions, I have done some thinking of my own:
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Nov 22, 2012