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Sad. It would have been interesting to have more celluloid. It would have made the path to say -- Die Hard, easier to understand. I will look at that bio, as well as the other books mentioned. At the moment, I have an early curtain, so I am afraid it is good night.
There were movies made. I have seen brief clips. Let me take that on as a search.
I was once asked to teach a American theater history course by a department that didn't know me well enough. I ditched the bad 18th century theater that was an imitation of bad English 18th century theatre, and used the hole I created to teach the Wild West show. A lot of the forms, conventions, themes and characters that went to make up American film came directly from Bill and small fry that imitated him. When the shows broke up, they all moved to hollywood. The 20th century american theatre is far more influence by film, than by Brecht or Shakespeare. End of ramble: Its not just celebrity, Buffalo Bill had far more to do with HOW we create our myths than we think. They nevered hired me to teach Theater history again. There was that Film course . . .
Asprin and Scotch Mike. The headache will be gone, but the vision might still be blurred. You're right Newman was essential. I believe it was at a point in his career when he was being heavily typed, and I think he brought that dynamic to the role. Its curious that Altman made Buntline the moral voice, given that most of the audience would not have know about Buntline, and would not have been aware of the irony.
Its always struck me how closely related this movie was to Nashville. Both are about the whole canvas, crating lumber and scene paint underpinnings of american myth. Neither rises to the point of being completely critical of it.
Lancaster. Probably because everything that he says sounds mythic. When he orders in a resturant, the people around him probably fall silent and take notes.
Koppit was writing a play largely about what happened to the Indians, Altman had a different agenda. He clues us in on that finally in the scene with Cleveland. In a scene where issues could have been discussed, they aren't in an unmistakeable way. Maybe the Altman film was less about how we got here, and more about where this was leading. A little obscure. I'm not a writer and I have the flu. It will have to stand.
By O'Neil and Chaplin. Well that goes a ways towards explaining how she got so much out of a role with nearly no audible lines shot almost entirely in long shot. Loved the Shelley Duval cameo. That scene with Cleveland was familiar. I don't need to hear the question to know my answer is no. Sounds like about 40 Senators, one ex VP, and of course the soccer mom from hell.
Watching Frank and Annie made me homesick for the stage. What actor hasn't felt like his life was in the other actors hand, and how often does it go wrong. What's geraldine chaplin's relationship to Charlie?
You've definitely nailed the difference between the Koppit play and Altman's film. The play was a dialogue between Cody and Cody's vision of Sitting Bull. In this version, Sitting Bull is completely mute.
Your best initial essay in the series so far. Need to think on some of this.
I had no idea Quintet was his. Its sort of a cult Sci Fi film. Rare but it exists, though not in circles you frequent.
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Risking multithreading. Cassandra, I like your point about limited horizons. Carradine's characters bounds are obvious. What do you think about Duval.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Thieves unlike them at Lance Mannion
No Lance, was wondering what elements of a war movie are in this movie. MASH is another couple of days worth of blogging.
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Always been a Paul Newman fan, so I have stars in my eyes, but I always made him as a character actor stuck with a pretty face. "Buffalo Bill" is an interesting role for him. What was the other Altman role?
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Same problem with Depp in Public Enemies. Also, he was about a foot short.
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Great about California Split. I wonder how much they all took the crew for. ;-)
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How about fleshing out the war movie comment Lance.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Thieves unlike them at Lance Mannion
Maybe working with Beatty soured him to stars. Duval was easy. Shes one of the few actresses in the period that can play a working class character without being condescending. As a redneck, I appreciate it. Working class characters are always heros or villains in hollywood. She made her living on playing rednecks for the next decade or so. In Roxanne, Steve Martin promoted her and she got to be the owner of the diner.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Thieves unlike them at Lance Mannion
Could be Altman's adversion to pretty people. American film only recognizes certain types of people as existing. Altman was as likely as not to cast off the street. Keith Carradine is as attractive a leading as was available at the time. Like Depp as Dillinger, he doesn't really look like a guy thats ever been forced to miss a meal, or work on something that made his hands bleed. Hate this interface. You have no idea how much security I have to defeat on my system to post here.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Thieves unlike them at Lance Mannion
Leave it to Altman to put a complex story in the middle of a mostly expository scene. The level of detail in his work is amazing. Its like reading a russian novel. Thanks for the invite. See you next week.
45 interesting. I wonder if, having spent his life dreaming about directing features, when he finally did, there was a "special feeling" lacking. Going to have to leave soon. Sorry, but I have an early curtain. I teach Wednesdays. This interface is driving me crazy. We need to find an empty chatroom somewhere.
Never see here. Never see a TV in the house. Now I've got to figure that out. Speaking of enigma's. Why does the on break go go dancer have no pants, and why is that somehow not erotic.
Altman did crank out a body of work. The word driven comes to mind. Wonder what was going on in his life.
Addicted to expectation is a concise way of putting it. The only two characters that have the appearance of being happy are the ones that expect nothing. Charlie takes what he gets. He doesn't even have the gambler's drive for more. He's ready to quit at 11k.