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Beautiful Tats!! That story about the guy lifting your shirt to see your tat blew me away!!! Some people's children!!! I can't imagine someone being crazy enough to think that was ok to do!!! I have two right now, one on my back (upper right, almost to the shoulder) of a cross with roses and a star of David in the center (I was born and raised Jewish, but accepted Christ at 35), and I have a praying angel over my heart with the names of my 2 daughters on ribbons underneath! Aching for more, but between who to go to and money to pay for what I want, well it might be a while! I have had discussions with my sister about what the bible says about tattoos, the bottom line is - in MY opinion, it's still your body and your choice, and for me - as long as I am not taking the Lord's name in vain, or something to that affect - it's no one else's business!!! And if I will be judged in the hereafter - then it is my judgement to take!! I think I've done worse things in this life that worry me more than using my body as a canvas for art!! Well I don't know what I had to put all that here on your wall, for you, for me, for someone else?? Who knows, but thank you for letting me voice my opinions (and they are only my opinions), I look forward to seeing what else you end up with!!! Hope you have a merry Christmas, and a Happy, and Healthy New Year!!
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Dec 16, 2013