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M Williams
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Thanks for the crepe recipe! Love those things. We are also engaged in chipmunk, er, negotiations ... Not in the garden (only an herb/lettuce garden) but we have one (?) that's been trying to nest in our siding for over a month. Making loud noises and chasing the rather unperturbed varmint didn't work. That stinky rabbit and deer spray didn't work. Mothballs didn't work. Steel wool shoved into their egress spots _seems_ to be doing the trick, though. Or else we haven't found the new egress yet. Our dog, far from being arbitrator, is completely unaware of those whole situation, although she often snoozes on the patio only a few feet away from the action. I hope Rumi is more diligent.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2011 on IN MY KITCHEN : : Chipmunk Detente at Relishings
Thank you -- so much said in such a short essay. Also thank you to commenter Tetsu_yahagi. And to Molly at Orangette (, who also sent me here.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2011 on Why Food Matters, 1 at Ruth Reichl
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Mar 14, 2011