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I would submit that it's hard the hide the identity of a good TEAM for more than one iteration of a product. The market doesn't allow for it. It's rare when a good/great team isn't aware of its "street value" Companies are too hungry for sure fire products to not bow down to a good development team's demands. Will, Clint or Sid are known for making specific types of products... but they have to have the right team around them. I don't want Dan Marino on my volleyball team. I also don't want Will Wright making my Mortal Kombat sequel.
Games are a collaborative creative process. It is not an individual but a collective skill set that creates a exceptional product. The best products come from teams that share a common vision, not from an individual who dictates said vision. You can almost credit a development environment more than an individual. I think this is why I always appreciated Blizzard games that credit the entire company for design. I liken this to a sports organization. You can credit a system or environment just as much as the individuals. Design comes from every discipline on the team and is ratified by other disciplines. Code, UI, Design, Scripting.. etc I can go on. I have never worked on a project where all design ideas came from design (or any other discipline) alone. It’s impractical. An idea or concept needs to be presented to the collective and ratified through the collective efforts of the entire team for it to truly be awesome. I have an exercise I do when I manage a team. You split the disciplines up and ask them what the product is about. If you get different answers you got a lot of work to do. If you get the same answer then chances are you are on your way to a great product. Development teams are TEAMS. Anyone who wants to put his/her name above the team clearly doesn’t “get it” in my opinion. I think being part of that collective should be enough. Within that team people know who the larger contributors are. If that isn’t enough for that individual then he /she clearly isn’t a team player period.
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Nov 3, 2011