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Did you bother to read down further into the story as to what the GOP exception was? Or that Mary Jo White, head of the SEC, a lifetime Democrat and appointed by Obama, has the same reservations?
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2013 on How far have Republicans fallen? at Prairie Weather
But the minute a Republican brings up SS reform, the Fish Wrap will be back to telling us that SS is doing just fine, thank you very much, and don't you dare attempt to fix it.
Your guys would know best, but, couldn't the US military have put a team on the ground off one of the Marine or Naval ships in the Med quickly, using some type of helicopter or Osprey? There was supposedly two destroyers off the Libyan coast: don't they typically carry a helicopter?
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2012 on The Consequences of Benghazi at BlackFive
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What the media and the haters do not seem to understand is that you are not against Islam, but, Islamists, ie, those who Muslims who engage in terrorism as well as advocate terrorist acts, and those Muslims who push for Sharia and taking over countries and making them Sharia compliant. The latter is a concept that seems to elude the leftist idiots with their multiculturalism and tolerance and stuff. Plus, they just do not want to understand. And, you are not responsible for this Norwegian wacko (nor is Robert Spencer) any more than AL gore is responsible for the Discovery building shooter.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2011 on Takeaway ...... the Trash at Atlas Shrugs
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Jul 27, 2011