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I'm not gonna say I said it first, but I'm sure I said that 5 years ago here, in response to naysers who keep saying "ethanol cannot replace gasoline" and the likes. The value of ethanol is to boost octane, not to replace gasoline. And it does help American farmers. On a related topic (that some thinktank research with $$$ funding will declare in a year or two) USE TREATED SEWAGE TO PRODUCE GMO CORN IN AGRIBUSINESS, and produce healthy corn in smaller 'organic' farms for human consumption.
Thank you AiVin: ""The answer is not to replace the fuel tax, it is raising it.""
This is a step backwards. A simple GAS AND ENERGY TAX solves so many problems we face today (including unemployment, because there will be more WORK to do). Another thing, God, now they want me to bring in my odometer report every so often, even if it is for my rarely driven sports car or monster truck, and what about jetksis and chainsaws? They pollute too. No one likes "more taxes" let alone any new gov't program. SEE? I can CHOOSE not to drive so often, but I cannot choose whether I bring in my odometer report or have a GPS tracker installed. Even with A TAXPAYER REBATE of about $1500yr for basic energy needs we do need to be concerned about gov't wasting our tax dollars, such as for more research projects to the highway associations about mileage taxes. Add this to my reasons for a new "Green" Constitutional Amendment that greenlights (get it?) Earth Friendly and Simple Living activities like tiny economy cars, rainwater collecting, solar panels, community gardens, neighborhood business, etc.
And there are other companies promoting the same system...but so far, their production and stock value is nil. Yes profit today is king, so few are motivated by virtuous things. But, this small-scale system could be profitable IF IT WAS PART OF "CAP AND TRADE" exchanges, which normally I'd say do less for the environment than a straightforward GAS AND ENERGY TAX (with taxpayer rebate of course for basic needs.
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Aug 19, 2010