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William Walker
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My fiancee and I need to remember this blog. It would be great for us to get the right place for the reception. I want to go somewhere that has a very good view for our pictures.
It would be very nice for me to get some blinds for my outdoor patio. We have a nice hammock and a pool and this would just be the cherry on top. It would also be nice if it was big enough to have a gazebo.
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The apartments that I am staying at have a spa and I think there is a leak in part of the jets. They should probably have someone come and repair it. If I had my own hot tub, I would have it repaired immediately.
I am glad that I have a roof rack. I need it for a lot of the roads. It helps me when I drive close by and then bike the rest of the way. It also doesn't hit the bottom like most racks do. William |
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2013 on Thule AeroBlade Roof Rack System at GearFlogger
I totally agree with Sally! I learned so much about property managers. I now know what to expect out of them in Salt Lake City ( ). Thanks again!
Nice picture and article! I sure hope that I will never have to get a dental implant. They are expensive and who likes to lose their teeth? No one. William | (Oakville Dental)
We had a sewage pipe burst in Longmont, CO. It wasn't nearly as bad as this one. Thank goodness for the people that were right there ready to help. It was the people from
This was great! I hope if anyone needs help moving in Chicago that they can count on me. Good luck everyone with your moving. William | (Moving Company Chicago, IL)
I am going to share this with my friend that is a dentist in Hamilton. He would love this article. Thanks for the great article! William |
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Well Elisa Jed, I have a friend that could help you he does PC repair in Las Vegas, NV. His website is . I hope this helps you out.
I didn't know that plumbers could save so much! This is going to help with the 3 bathrooms that we have. William | Plumbing Las Vegas, NV ( )
I sure hope my friend that does drywall installation in Naperville, IL stays safe with his work. I hope something like this doesn't happen to him. William |
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I didn't know that another term for auto wreckers is auto recycling. Thank you for giving me such great info. William |
If any of you are looking for someone that installs link fences in Vancouver, I have a friend that does it. His website is I hope this helps.
That is so cool! I think I will get an ergo baby carrier for her birthday! Do you know a website that I can find one of these? I was looking at What do you think?
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2013 on baby favourites : ergobaby carrier at sausage dogs
These are amazing! Thanks for the ideas. Any other projects that would be cool to check out? William |
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2013 on "Stained Glass" Window... at Buzzmills
I was looking at different ceramic tiles in Ottawa and deciding what to choose. Since, I followed the steps here I found the right size. William |
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2013 on How Ceramic Tiles Are Created at Techtile's blog
I was looking for a law firm in Ottawa. Do you know where the nearest one is? I need to find one for today. That would help me so much if someone like you could find one. William |
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Jul 26, 2013