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Austin, Texas
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Diane, Yes and no. No for the 5D, but yes for the 5D Mark II... you just need to upgrade firmware on the 5D2. Thanks for reading! - Will
Petri, Yes - if the GP-E2 is in the hot shoe of the 5D Mark III or 1D X, or connected via usb cable to the 5D3, 1DX, or 7D (firmware upgrade required) images shot will have lat, lon, compass direction, and elevation added directly into the EXIF of the images (either RAW or JPG). Thanks for reading and the question! Let me know if you have any others. - Will
Now that UDMA 7 card prices are coming down out of the stratosphere I figured it was a good time to pick up some newer/faster cards to replace my aging UDMA 6 media. It also didn't hurt that my Canon... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2012 at
Iris - thanks for the question. Short version of the answer - yes, I used the 5D3 (it wasn't available yet - I got mine a week after my Cali shoot) while shooting the 8 day Amgen Tour of California. AF is amazing, great image quality, worked great the way I used it (from a moto and for static scenic shots of the peloton - I also used my 1D4 on the moto while rolling, but only used the 1D4 for the finish line shots). I didn't really miss the 10fps from the moto w/ the 5D3... Biggest potential issue (but I didn't encouter any rain that week) would be weather sealing - better than 5D2, and grip has much better setup for weather sealing. I've plans to do a blog post about the 5D3 when I can make the time. Gripped 5D3 is actually taller that my 1D4, and the "portrait" grip orientation feels larger than my 1D4 (in a good way for me at least). Thanks for the question - let me know if I can answer anything else. - Will
Tina, I don't recall seeing it in only low or high... sometimes high ISO images can have some non black pixels in medium to long range exposures purely from the fight for trying to display some detail in what is really black. I've had similar questions when folks have seen dark red or dark other colored pixels in "black" areas... nothing wrong there - just par for the course. - Will
I'll fess up - I'm a gadget geek. I"ve been a touch surprised at how Nikon had been ahead of the game with a small GPS that could tag images via connection to their cameras via USB. There were a... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2012 at
I always chuckle a bit when new gear gets announced. The forums get flooded with lots of questions about nit-picky details that can't possibly get answered until the camera is out and someone has some hands on time with them.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2012 at
Ken, thanks for the question. I'm pretty sure the EF-S 15-85 IS is supported... I'd suggest you try connecting your camera, launching the EOS utility and following the directions above. The screen shot included in the post above wasn't of a full list of lenses to choose from, it shows the lenses I had chosen to configure in my camera. I'm pretty sure the 15-85 will be there. I'm not sure the 8-15mm FE Zoom is there yet, but perhaps a software upgrade from the Canon site will add missing lenses in. When I've some time later, I'll hook my camera up and see what is in the list. Let me know if you've any other questions. - Will
Thanks all for the sharing of the post, tis much appreciated. I've received a few questions about the images and figured I'd take a moment or two to answer them to the masses even though I've responded directly already. The... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2012 at
Ahh... celestial photography. A fun topic that I've rarely had time to explore. I've done occasional shots of the moon, usually to test a new long lens or stacked teleconverters, but have never tried to shoot a meteor shower or... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2012 at
Well, with the holidays fast approaching, un-coincidentally a few new bits of gear have landed in my possession lately. I've finally replaced my beaten up old P&S with a Canon PowerShot S100, I've picked up some new (well - this... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2011 at
Well - a "long time" is subjective... a collegue of mine who suggested the chestvest to me still uses the one she bought years before I ever got mine. Her's shows some wear - some of the material is more of a gray color - but I just saw her using it last weekend at an event. It is a well assembled product made out of rugged materials.
Frankie, Sorry for the delayed response. The pockets are not padded, per se, but the material is a substantial canvas. I think it provides a bit more protection than some of the more 'rip stop' nylon type fabrics out there. No, a gripped 5D will not fit in any of the pockets of a size medium chestvest. To fit a gripped body, or a 1D body, you'll need to either use a "digital" or "foul weather" version. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any other questions. - Will
Okay - I'll admit it - up until recently, I've borrowed the 300mm f2.8L IS lenses I've shot with. It is (tho not as much as I thought it was) a specialty lens that was just what I needed for... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2011 at
With time sensitive projects like professional bike races, every minute counts. You need to get a first image or two to your team clients so that they can update their websites as quickly as possible. So as soon as the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2011 at
So, back when I wanted to find a key piece of gear to handle/manage my camera equipment while out shooting from the back of a moto - I was steered towards NewsWear's Chest Vest by a longtime friend and fellow... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2011 at
Vaughn - I've not been in the shutterfly site for a while now, but I was reviewing their signup recently and didn't see much (if any) change to their system. The catch 22 here is that Shutterfly is simple to setup because they don't (or didn't) have many things you could do to modify/change in your "pro gallery" area. You could create sections and sub-sections, make some password protected, etc; but it was all pretty basic stuff. As for uploads, etc - I like the SmugMug method of having a few different ways to upload via a web browser, and now they offer plug-ins or are integrated directly with popular photo editing software. During this off season I'm going to try their Lightroom direct upload plugin. Great to be able to save a step or three in the process; when doing this over a week long pro bike race, or even a local event, every step saved adds up quickly. SmugMug has a few different ways you can use it. Think easy, medium, and advanced. The easy is to pick one of their templates and you're off and running. Their medium method gives you easy ways to change details within your site. The advanced allows you to (as I did) thoroughly customize to the point that most folks woluld never know they've left my "main" server to view images on SmugMug's servers. SmugMug's online help is amazingly detailed, and their "support heroes" are aptly named; Quick to respond with good answers. SmugMug also has great "social networking" components (note the "tweet" and facebook "like" buttons below each pic), as well as having the option to enable visitor comments for your photos. Also - since this review, SmugMug has added packages, personalization of packaging, and coupons. They've also recently added a feature called "printmarks" - a way to have a digitized signature appear in a corner of a print. I may explore this as a way to add an event's logo to event photography. I know triathletes love to get pics from every event, and to have the logo/date on them is a plus. While on Shutterfly - they were slow with new features and when some were released, they didn't work well with Again - I've not really dug into Shutterfly of late, but I don't know if they have these features... Let me know if you have other questions. - Will
you realize that it has been almost a year since you've posted to your blog... To add insult to injury - the last post was an introduction into what should have been an article about shooting the pro peloton from... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2010 at
Lensmen - I think another post on this blog may help a bit as well - - no camera is "perfect" and if you understand how different modes (and how which AF point you've selected) affect the AF performance, your keeper rate will go up! Thanks for reading and feel free to use the "contact" link in the header to ask specific questions. - Will
Andrew: Try reading "the thread" link in the first paragraph - they may re-word it differently... The only way I can think to explain it is to say that the image alone is a set of circles or ripples. The "interference" shows up as putting smaller circles or other non circular patterns... Just try looking at the live view as you manually change the focus. You will see the pattern change from just circles to having other patterns showing up to the top/bottom and left/right of the center of the ripple image... the more of these patters are better, and mean you're in sharper more accurate focus. Hope that helped! Thanks for reading! - Will
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Mar 15, 2010
Dorene, Since I wrote this, SmugMug has added a few new features to their site which makes me even more glad I switched. Coupons, and packages... after almost a year, I've yet to have an issue with printing quality, order timing etc... SmugMug does great work. I've been assisting a fellow shooter get his website going on SM - - all his race updates as well as his photo print galleries are via SmugMug - he does photo mug sales too - and has been shipping worldwide w/ very happy customers. But I digress... To answer your question. There were two different help sections of the SmugMug help that I used. The customization stuff helped some; getting the add in called "fire-bug" for Firefox helped me find which specific css tags I needed to change to get my colors to all the little detail places; and lastly (but not leastly) the help email at smugmug... click that help link and send them an email... they are correct when they say their support heroes will be back in touch quickly with great info. I'm glad you found the review helpful, and I guess thanks for the compliment about asking if this whole site is on smugmug... To be honest - it is on four different servers. SmugMug handles the "shop" link in my header; this blog is a TypePad blog that I took a swing at customizing a year or so back - I need to re-visit to clean up some category nav stuff; the main page and other pages (well - not the "gallery" link) are all on one of my servers which is Microsoft Windows based; and finally, the gallery is run on another server that is linux based - to run the fluid galleries gallery. Luckily I knew enough about flash on a page that I could put my header above their stuff and make it look the way I wanted... With customization to all four sets of servers, folks won't ever notice (hopefully) that they've switched servers as they visit this site... Let me know if you have any other questions. - Will
I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've posted to the blog, but there has been so much going on this year, I've been too busy to have the time to write. So many folks have asked about... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2009 at
Joe - not sure if you're asking me or if you're asking Blaise, but I did notice (as expected) sharper focus at the focus point... I had just subtle adjustments to make, but they did help. I've since sold my 50D, and haven't had a chance to run the AF Microadjustment on my new slew of lenses and the 5D Mark II that I picked up. I had to ditch the EF-S lenses (since they won't work on either a FF camera like the 5D2, nor on the 1D Mark IIn that I have) and have picked up a 17-40 F/4L and a 15mm f/2.8 fisheye (which I prob won't micro-adjust for obvious reasons). Thanks for reading and let me know how the adjustments work for you. - Will
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Dec 3, 2009