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A great opportunity is to have a model where you can have dynamic advertising in sport games. With the latest installment of home consoles Internet is always available and this gives the possibility to start advertising just like on TV or websites. At the moment there is only not a good model for this to make use of the advertising space in games. Every developer has it's own idea's how it should/could be done and this makes advertising difficult. I'm convinced that in the next few years advertisers and the gaming industry will work out an interesting model. This is due to the exponential rise in development cost for games and most of the potential gamers are not willing to pay the 60 euro pricetag. An example of this can be seen by EA play for free. This is using a paid content and advertising strategy to make it possible to offer games for free. Please note that most of these are actually, although older, full games.
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Apr 21, 2011