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Willy Bio
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Goracel, Henry, Reala$$, the floor is yours! :-D
Matthew, Your facade of being skeptard is failed. You are disinformation agent of International Pancreas Co-optors and Controllers. True Drudge reading truthers like me and Reel$$ will expose you and smite you.
And let you steal my climate monies and pancreas? I think NOT!
Reel$$, you too are fellow skeptard! I welcome you brother, we shall defeat these alarmist pancreas thieves! Our climate monies will not be used for final solution! CO2 is life, warm time means lives saved of all those poor souls who freeze to death in winter! We are the savers of civilization and debunkers of abominable science!
Stan is fellow defender of pancreases! He knows, you do well to listen to him. International Pancreas Co-optors and Controllers will NOT prevail! Their evil plot to steal all climate monies to fund final solution of mass pancreas theft will NOT succeed!
No, this is lies! Global Cabal of Knights Templar and IPCC intent that "All your climate monies are belong to us". All truth loving people know that global ice pack is at largest ever! Drudge tells us so, there is no question. I am a proud, Drudge-reading skeptard. All others are lackeys of pancreas stealing Cabal!
Peer review? What peers, the Global Cabal of Knights Templar Bilderberger Socialist Extraterrestrials headed by Al Gore and Jimmy Hoffa? They say it: all your climate monies are belong to US! Fight them, protect your pancreases! I read Drudge. I'm a 'tard.
I read secret IPCC mission statement. It say: All your climate monies are belong to us! No mention of base, but I'm sure that's next.
@Reel, You go girl! IPCC = Bilderburgers = just bunch of socialist totalitarians fixing to steals all ur everythings! They are in league with the Knights Templar, orchestrated 9/11, falsified moon landings, and will sell all our pancreases to extraterrestrials! I read Drudge. I'm a 'tard.
@Nat, Al Gore and his global cabal are fixing to steals all ur monies and ur freedoms. Obamanation will socialize all your existence and also steals all ur monies and jobs and SUVs.
But CO2 is LIFE! Plants will grow more betterer and more fasterer and more elsewhererer. Warmer cold places like Canada will mean less deaths from cold! Morer and betterer crops can then be grown where it used to be cold. This is good for mankind! CO2 does not cause warming, it is only a result, since the sun is making it warm, now cold, but tomorrow warm, then cold again, way too complicated and biggerer for silly mankind to have any effect on or comprehension of. I know all this, I read Drudge. I'm a 'tard.
But CO2 is not a pollutant! Its good for the plants! CO2 IS LIFE! I'm a 'tard! :-D