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graham wilson
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What possibly can we do about this..? I will have to submit to the forced naked X Ray bodyscan of my 4 year old son & 13 year old daughter to go on a family holiday by plane. It's madness & I am powerless to do ANYTHING to protect my family's freedom & privacy. Is there any legal disobedience we can undertake as passengers to make this process unworkable? Last year we went by boat to Ireland - there were no checks/ inspections or anything - I say this to display how disproportionate the power given to airport security has become... The security services are acting in a constantly reactive knee-jerk way. I shudder to think where the next attack may come - because with it will go the next raft of our liberties. Perhaps this is the whole purpose of their undertaking? How amazingly courageous our predecessors were with living through the horrors of 2 world wars whilst stoically upholding the rights and liberties for the generations to come.
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Feb 12, 2010