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Cable broadband operators are buffeted by shifting competition which includes 3.5-4G wireless broadband. While the cable to the premises can be described as a 'last mile' connection to residential and business users, wireless broadband increasingly plays the more encompassing and enabling role of always-on 'personal broadband' connection. The FCC new rule making proposes to adopt open access mandates for IP data networks: open devices, and open applications and content. However, the FCC has conceded that PtP file sharing as enabled by torrent programs and other uses that can adversely impact overall network performance can be managed. The principle the FCC apparently pursues is 'fair trade' usage: while it can be ok to restrict detrimental use of network resources, this must be provided on a fair and equal commercial basis to all legal usage.
As a private citizen, I think Meridith Baker is relying on vested interest cliches. The FCC has fundamental right to regulate free and open access that stems from the monopoly grant to use spectrum in the public interest. Pursuant to that, the evolution of wireless technology has become inseparable to unified communications that must work in harmony with all IP communications. Furthermore, all broadband communications media is rapidly innovating and unleashing productivity as part of ICT Cloud environments. Moreover, market pressures are complimentary to a revision of the FCC basic rules: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile concede in several areas including open VoIP because the battle for cash flows is driven by consumer preference for open applications and content. Other analysts have suggested that, therefore, the market is sufficient to ensure enterprise in the public interest. That may well be what emerges but if redundant enforcement will not be cumbersome or even necessary. It is timely and fitting to set out the new rule making. What's more, its fitting and necessary that communications companies become boiler rooms of collaborative innovation. In some ways that takes disruptive transformation from tight control to acceptance of a shared role. Furthermore, what is necessary is what society compels to fulfill its needs within cognizance of human rights. -Robert Syputa Maravedis cloud4g green4g
The operators and suppliers that form the incumbent mobile industry are very much like the 3G BORG: it is large, square but very well adapted to seek out things it can assimilate to advantage. That is why 3GPP/3GPP2 has come around to assimilate WiMAX technology and call it LTE. In doing that, NG becomes WiMAX+LTE. Both in legal & regulatory bounds and in ecosystem and business structure. WiMAX or LTE? Frankly, you and I do not decide, we observe. And so do does the WBA industry as a whole unless it acts strategically. Mike, its good to see your thoughts entering into the various discussions.