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Tim Windsor
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Step one: Decide to test the system. Fair enough. Step two: Test the system in a way that won't directly impact local users. Done. Step three: Make wild revenue projections associated with the test. Neglect to anticipate how much of out-of-market repeat traffic is from aggregators as Colin notes. Done and done. If - IF! - they get 5% of those 17,692 out-of-market frequent obit-readers to convert (and that would be a wildly successful percentage), and if each and every one of them goes for the full-year subscription, this will be worth a little under $18,000. That's real revenue, of course, and maybe if they carve off another ten or twenty slices like it, they could start considering this a success, but Mark's right that they're fever-dreaming if they think they're anywhere in the vicinity of six-figures with this scheme. Tim
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Jul 12, 2010