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Jackie is a survivor - and a single tear just rolled down my cheek reading this. Recognizing this in her, as her mother, must be a life-changing thing for you - and her. She's about to go out into the world stronger, yes? (Or maybe I just need more coffee before I go out into the world today all "emotive.") The picture of her and Smokey was also heart warming. Not to mention the memories it brought back of my beloved Golden (Brandon) onto whom I'd cling - just like that - over the years. What a post, what love! x
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There's surely something wrong with this dude, and he's probably dealing with his own junk - some people thrive on trying to make others just as miserable as they are in their own lives. "Haters gonna hate" and we just have to brush them off like a piece of lint off a sweater. Your response? Awesome. xo P.S. Your tomato tart was delicious, by the way! I served it with a Tibouren.
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Kristin, it breaks my heart to hear about Breizh. I'm so terribly sorry. As I type this I hope that she is romping happily on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with my beloved Golden, Brandon. These sweet creatures leave such a mark on our lives and our souls - they never truly leave us, even so. Hugs to you, Jackie, Smokey and the boys as you remember all the love. xo
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