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The PDX show went really, really long and ended up being closer to 4.5 hours. Seriously, that was a feature, not a bug for us. Though I normally find it difficult to sit in my wheelchair for that long, I didn't mind it one bit on Sat. We won't let that happen again Is there any way that we can demand that it happen again? It was awesome! There was a reason we made you guys stretch out the YAAAR!!! song for half-an-hour...we didn't want the show to end! Also, thanks for sticking around to the bitter end to sign autographs. I know that it must of been exhausting to sign for an hour after doing a 4.5 hour show, but those of us at the end of the line really appreciated it.
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The shovelglove workout is simple, fast, cheap, and effective. Basically, you wrap the head of a sledgehammer in an old sweatshirt and swing it around for 14 minutes a day while imitating a number of real-world activities. The inventor uses a bunch of farming activities to imitate, but gives examples of how to easily sub in "defending the castle" activities if that helps keep you more engaged in the exercise. It's a great workout for people with imagination, and should lend itself to "leveling up" and other gaming mechanisms.
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May 4, 2010