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They are scum, and fascists. It is ironic, is it not, that the first thing the oppressed Soviet citizens wanted when they had the good fortune to meet Americans near the end of the Cold War were blue jeans. Do these idiots understand that if the government were to own the means of production and be responsible for the cotton needed to make them, they would have no blue jeans?
Who says they needed to be rescued from the Taliban? Men's worst drama under the Taliban was their beard hygiene and refraining from wearing Western clothes. What pious Muslim can disagree with a single tenet of Taliban administration? It's completely Islamic.
Bihi is the man to whom admiration should be rendered. He is truly courageous. Jamal is too, but he is all about Islam, through and through, and works very hard to implement Islamic finance practices in our fair state. He realizes that this undue attention will serve to delay the initiatives he has sought to implement: Please follow this excellent site, as well, if you don't already, especially if you live in refugee-heavy areas, Minnesota, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia. We let our senators make us targets for this jihad.
If they only admit blind Muslims, there won't be a problem. What a fool to be used by her Brotherhood handlers. She has lost the best chance she had at a normal education and a good life as an American. Get out of my country. What the heck do we bother educating all these Muslimas anyway, on scholarship (I'll bet she's not paying a dime) since they're just going to end up pregnant for the next 20 years and hidden away in some foreign country with some man she's never met?
Sorry, last one: This little incident is meant to show how just and wise Shata is: "The imam responded creatively. Much of the drama involved hot dog vendors. There was the pair who shared a stand, but could not stand each other. They came to the imam, who helped them divide the business. The most notorious hot dog seller stood accused of stealing thousands of dollars in donations he had raised for the children of his deceased best friend. But there was no proof. The donations had been in cash. The solution, the imam decided, was to have the man swear an oath on the Koran. "Whoever lies while taking an oath on the Koran goes blind afterward," said Mr. Shata, stating a belief that has proved useful in cases of theft. A group of men lured the vendor to the mosque, where he confessed to stealing $11,400. His admission was recorded in a waraqa, or document, penned in Arabic and signed by four witnesses. He returned the money in full. " -------------------------------------- No, Ms. "Reporter," all that does for me is show that he does not understand that he is obliged to report the theft, and that the law of the City of New York is responsible for determining conviction and restitution. Now this admitted theif has no conviction on his record, leaving him with a super-special criminal report that will look like gold on the next background check to an unsuspecting employer or apartment landlord. Get it? This is sharia. He is supposed to turn the man in or encourage him to do so, not take justice into his own hands. He has set up his own little sharia court right under your noses in Brooklyn. That locked drawer contains evidence of many, many crimes. He should be arrested on that alone.
Oh yes, and this treasure: "The next summer, Mr. Shata took a call from an imam in Brooklyn. The man, Mohamed Moussa, was leaving his mosque, exhausted by the troubles of his congregants following the terrorist attacks. The mosque was looking for a replacement, and Mr. Shata had come highly recommended by a professor at Al Azhar..." Oh, the poor, poor, man. He must have been so tired, trying to get these stupid immigrants to understand their duty to jihad, and he could really only get one or two of them to take any direct action. Just exhausting!!
How about this little gem from her series: "Like many of their faithful, most imams in the United States come from abroad. They are recruited primarily for their knowledge of the Koran and the language in which it was revealed, Arabic." Really? Do you have two sources for your decision to use the word "revealed"? Does a journalist use the word "revealed" to talk about how a text came into being? Allegedly? ...Muslims believe it was revealed...? Something? Disgusting sycophantic, suicide pact pablum. Report, don't flatter.
Wonderful. But of course nursing women are under no obligation to fast. Exactly how could that be a benefit to their infants? If they weren't nursing, then I guess we can give thanks for the plentiful infant formula available to "Palestinians" and that the women are healthy enough to go without food during the day for a month. Must not be that deprived.
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Here, for example, is an excerpt from one of the "lessons" in the abstract: "Early Muslim philosophers wove ideas from Greek and neo-Platonist philosophy into their metaphysical teachings regarding the relationship between God and the universe. Ibn Sina (d. 1037), also known as Avicenna, wrote important commentaries on Greek philosophy which were to play a central role in the so-called rediscovery of philosophy by Christian scholastics like Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274). But Muslim philosophers like Ibn Sina did not merely preserve earlier traditions; they incorporated these ideas into Islamic intellectual traditions and made original contributions to philosophy and theology." Note the interweaving of Muslim philosopher Avicenna with Thomas Aquinis, providing a nearly comforting frame of reference for non-Muslim readers. However, look at how it's worded: "Avicenna, wrote important commentaries on Greek philosophy which were to play a central role in the so-called rediscovery of philosophy by Christian scholastics." What it doesn't say is that the "central role" as far as Aquinas was concerned was to reject the preponderance of Avicenna's arguments regarding the nature of God. Aquinas studied the Muslim philosphers, and the not-so-Muslim Muslim philosphers as he studied many other philosphies, using them as point and counterpoint in his own studies. To say that Muslim philosophers somehow played a crucial role in the propagation of Western philosophies is akin to saying that Fourier had a profound effect on American conservatism and libertarianism. They acknowledged the vision, but rejected it entirely.
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To them it's not dissonance: they are the Muslims and you are the non-Muslims. Therefore, whatever is the advantage to the Muslims is the correct thing. There cannot be a situation in which the unbeliever has the advantage, power or supervision over a believer. I mean, it says so in the Qur'an, and all, which they spend the whole day memorizing while they polish their weapons.
Sounds like she knows her Constitution. She tells you what's in the Constitution, word for word, and this is somehow a radical, crazy thing to you? What...your little statist world would come tumbling down if the people didn't like the thuggery and ineptitude and corruption of the czarchief in chief and his band of make-up-the-laws-as-we-go-along? Nothing to see here, folks. You wouldn't understand it anyway. It's all about freedom and liberty and hard ideas like that. Apparently yours haven't been impinged upon yet, or you might get a little loud, too. Did you lefties get all upset when Malcolm said it too? Or was that, like, "Power to the people" and "F Whitey!"? Amateur.
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Feb 24, 2011
So a $100 million building should be built to memorialize 30 or so Muslims, not including the most devout ones on two of the planes, separating their deaths from the infidels' deaths, who were the real targets? Bill, don't pee down my leg and tell me it's raining. Fool.
Go away, Truther. You're not wanted, welcome, nor correct.
What is divisive about pointing out when people lie? How sad that you can't or won't see it! A lack of discernment is not peace, fool.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on Khan's Latest Con at Atlas Shrugs
Who among you does not have the courage to watch this? You must let it hurt, and it does hurt, the deep, sick helpless hurt that you never knew you could have until you had children. You gelded and vapid media, who cannot show us the hurt of those who lived this and died this, you carry the shame of this along with the Muslim murderers and plotters and grinners and schemers. This evokes the wracking sobs we had that day, the directionless pull into the pews, the staring at our coworkers, helpless and needing to fight back. Islam will never ultimately prevail. God rest all of their miserable souls in advance, for it is coming.
This pastor is a half bubble off-plumb. He's just a sincere but stupid man. It's so easy to tweak Muslims. Islam is such a weak and vulnerable ideology.
It is just a giant hawala fundraising trip so he can pass along Obama's message of "peace" (because they're not buying anything he's selling any more) and so Rauf, during this beneficent gesture can hit up the rich Arab types for the rest of the money for the citadel.
Yes, but make sure you only give it to believers, unless to give it to non-believers advances the cause of Allah. Also fun about K'ab's sad end is the ruse that led to his death was "Hey, I like your perfume...can I smell you", and he was held by the hair and stabbed by Mohammed's companions. They were soooo striving in the way of Allah.
"but a Muslim Brotherhood group wants a Muslim Family Night at a Six Flags park September 12, 2010." That's because it's too hot in the summer for the burqas and all that "modest" clothing. If I see another four-year old or seven-year old in a hijab I'm going to puke.
It's tongue in cheek, in relation to the surpression of the Mohamed Bary threat, it was said that the release of this information, threatening a witness, "might upset the Muslim community," therefore, they'd better not release it.
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Apr 16, 2010
I would just go in there with my books to study. With my shoes on. What could they do to me? "Hey! You're not Muslim! You're not praying!" Really? You care that I'm not praying? Why's that?