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Josh St. John
Bass angler and bait maker
Interests: Metal fabrication,welding,prototyping,fishing,baitmaking
Recent Activity
Bass fishing trends change as fast as the weather - it seems like yesterday all you heard people talking about was the A-Rig. With the web people's attention span seems to be a lot less than before, and there is... Continue reading
After years of fishing we all have our favorite lures that we gravitate towards. These are lures that we may enjoy because they just happen to fit our fishing style. These may be baits that are known to catch quality... Continue reading
Nothing gets me more excited to keep making swimbaits than seeing pictures and videos of big bass being caught on my baits. Sometimes I get so excited that mysterious packages may show up at your door. These packages may include... Continue reading
There are many small things you can modify at home on your lures. A lot of these things are huge confidence boosters for me. Most of these modifications just take to much time to try and do on the water,... Continue reading
A lot of soft swimbaits use a single jig hook molded into the bait weight system. In the event of a run in with a rock or other hard cover the hooks do occasionally become damaged. A great thing to... Continue reading
This is Part 2 of this post - Click here to read Part 1 Silicon Molds: I left off the last post after pouring the silicon mold. Pulling the mold apart is super easy and will leave you with this.... Continue reading
Matt Allan has a great new video on rigging stinger hooks on his website Tactical Bassin. He shares a couple of his secret rigs and thoughts on stinger hooks. Continue reading
Ever wonder how some of your favorite swimbaits are made? Or maybe just small parts of them? I am going to start a new series of articles on in depth how-tos for some of these techniques. The first is one... Continue reading
I didn't. On July 21, 1948 a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber ditched into Lake Mead. Apparently the pilots, on a test flight, misjudged their height over the water and hit the surface at 250 mph. The crew were able to... Continue reading
Most of us know that Lake Mead's waters are really, really low, but to see just how bad the situation actually is, check out these satellite images - the first is from 1985, the second was taken this year: 1985... Continue reading
You've gotta see it for the narration - a sample: "I've been hearing about this saltwater fishing up in Massachusetts from my old buddy Larry Cronen, and when Larry asked if I'd like to come north and fish a coupla... Continue reading
Caught on a "pooper" :) I'm posting new videos every Tuesday and Thursday until I get bored or run out. See them all here> Continue reading
"Joan Salvato, housewife and mother, lives in Florida, not far from some very good bass fishing. From tackle demonstrations through to casting lessons, if it has anything to do with fishing it's part of Joan's job - for she is... Continue reading
The actual fishing starts after about 2 minutes. Neat to see places so far away that don't look much different from home. . . They're fishing Clanwilliam Dam, South Africa. I'm posting new videos every Tuesday and Thursday until I... Continue reading
It's 2-for-1 today: Here are two 1956 films showing off the latest casting techniques. I'm posting new videos every Tuesday and Thursday until I get bored or run out. See them all here> Continue reading
Tournament footage from Italy's Lake Coghinas, on the island of Sardinia. Crazy how much it looks like California. Contender for best fishing video soundtrack! I'm posting new videos every Tuesday and Thursday until I get bored or run out. See... Continue reading
This is a great one! Black and white film footage of fishing Lake Mojave (near Lake Mead) in 1956. Looks to be a promotional film of some sort - full of great details, like the newfangled technology of a spinning... Continue reading
"In the world of fishing there are men who seek out the big jumpers as hunters seek out trophies in the animal kingdom..." This video is from vintage IGFA footage. Not sure the year, but I'd guess from the theme... Continue reading
Hi everyone In case you haven't noticed, we're enjoying a little summer haitus here at The Wired Angler. I'll pick back up the pace when the weather cools off - in the meantime enjoy the smorgasbord of videos I have... Continue reading
Well, I finally managed to capture the elusive Pack Rat on video. Here are a few casts to show the swimming action just below the surface. More info and pics of the Pack Rat are on the JSJ Baits website,... Continue reading
This summer has been pretty hectic work wise for me and I have not been posting as much as I would like. Thanks to my friend Paul once again I am still able to supply you with much entertainment, enjoy.... Continue reading
Last week Paul Young went spear fishing for striped bass at Block Island. Paul has shot numerous underwater videos that have been featured on the Wired Angler in the past. He got video of this 39 pounder being shot. Paul... Continue reading
I put these two how to basic Flippin videos together the other weekend. Flippin is a great way to catch fish in the dead of summer on hot days when not much else seems to be working. You tube only... Continue reading
I stopped by today to look for something or other and hey! new website! It looks great. Really clean, well organized. Some of the cool new features: The "Video Vault" with tons of videoThe ability to shop by fishing technique,... Continue reading
I just got my hands on some of the new popping frogs from Paycheck Baits. They are a skinny profile popping frog with a set of front legs in addition to the back. Bub Tosh did a great job on... Continue reading