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So, I create both music and photography. And I find it interesting that I've got a very digital music playing and listening setup, whereas I've got a very analog photography setup. And I'm obsessed with quality, either way. But... I don't really find that there's any difference that I can actually hear between uncompressed 44kHz audio and 96+kHz audio. I can hear a huge difference between compressed audio and uncompressed audio. And I know that I don't have golden ears, but my range of hearing goes pretty far up for a person in their thirties, actually. There is, of course, often a change in the way they master for the higher-quality formats. I think I'd be happier with a version that's free of excessive 'loudness' from being mastered to sound loud than a higher-resolution version. After reading your Open Mike, I think I realized the difference. If I go through an exhibition of art photos, I can step up close to the ones that are taken on a 4x5 view camera or a medium format film camera or even one of the really good digital cameras, and I can see that... oh, yeah, there's no pixels. And then I can see something taken on somebody's inexpensive P&S and upsampled at a reasonable viewing size and see how the resolution trails off into blurry pixelization. And.... sometimes, that's really unpleasant, like seeing a model's pores. But for a landscape, that can be really beautiful and reveal new layers to a composition. However, there's no such equivalent for audio. Once you've got a reasonably flat sound system and a room free of distorting resonances and ambient noise, that's it. You can't 'zoom in' aurally.
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I'd say boning cousins, but that sounds like something you'd only have in the hollers of Virginia.
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No. Especially if you still have your cellphone, 2-way pager, Sprint USB data stick, and MacBook Pro office laptop.
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That's funny... I got myself a bass guitar last May. :)
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Sep 30, 2010