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Sarah Witherby
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This is all so interesting !! I am a long term no.19 user - the money I have spent on EDP EDT and Parfum in the last 10 years is depressing - the reformulation was monstrous! If you want to really savour the original find the body silk spray - it was divine!! The green, the galbanum is GONE - the whole point of vintage 19 was that although WE couldn't smell it, it was there, cooking away! It lingered, it did indeed armour, it framed our skin - the new formulation spikes above it with some very synthetic chemical notes ... How can you produce a 'green' perfume synthetically? Where is that elusive vetiver whiff? I Finally got hold of some vintage EDP on ebay and am almost happy again .. the vintage EDT (another waste of ££) just doesn't endure in the bottle (although it was always my favourite after the perfume) - the alcohol content 'turns' the fragrance ... I am going to try some of the current perfume now, as I hear it's the closest to the original ... I just know it's going to have that telltale cheap vanilla in there somewhere - Yes, our skin chemistry changes over the years (the well-known cry of the perfume counter sales person) but our NOSES don't. I'm now trying vent vert vintage (Balmain) I know it won't be the same but it might just be 'dirty green' ... will report back G
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Chanel No. 19 (1971) at Yesterday's Perfume
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Jun 9, 2010