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This seems to be conflating the quickness of social mediawith the inefficacy of protest today. Protests are ineffective in the United states for several reasons- many of which u have pointed out over the years. In egypt it seems simpler. The military decides how far they want to democracy to work. We live in an age of accelerated displacements and traditional protests can't work as they did in the past. As the cliche says we live in the twilight of the old regime and the predawn of the new.
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I particularly like that he says he is "a junkie and a cheeky monkey." I have not seen much reaction to his politics here in the US, other than at sites like Firedoglake which are inclined to agree with him. Though he tends to ramble when speaking extemporaneously, he sums things up rather well. Perhaps he is more of a symptom than a sign?
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Nov 7, 2013