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I read the list - it is intriguing. But I don't see what would connect them all other than they work in finance. They don't even all work for investment banks. Hong Kong, London and the US. Capital is global but unless zerohedge can articulate the pattern I don't get it. Don't get me wrong - I would love there to be a connection. It would be a perfect end to several decades of debauchery.
I think this assessment is basically correct as far as it goes. But I am struck in recent days by the apocalyptic tone of some of the tea party folks. That the country must be cleansed of its sins, and if most of us must suffer in the short term so be it. I work with a lot of financial agents who work with the general public - not people who are affluent. Some of them have adopted this attitude as well - that everything may have to be blown up and rebuilt. One of the challenges for the left is that they must confront this narrative head on. If not it will fill the vacuum that a systemic collapse will leave.
Thank you for posting this. I encounter this sort of negative solidarity all the time - especially among people in their late 50's and older, who have to continue working because they do not have a pension. They go on endlessly how it is the state workers and their bloated pensions that make everything bad for the rest of us. But unlike the author, I find their complaints more compelling because taxes pay for those benefits. And as the rich and large corporations pay a smaller share of tax revenue, the municipal worker benefits are largely paid for by those of us who work in the private sector. It is really an ingenious way of dividing and conquering.
Thank you for linking to this. What is fascinating is that Forbes will publish something like this and it makes no difference to the talking heads, policy makers or elites in general. Its as if everyone basically agrees on the dynamics but doesn't think it matters.
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So what is the status of your blog? And I do not mean this in a glib way - but what is it that remains un-thought in the practice of writing and answering folks like me in this format - a format whose "moment has passed?" While it is clearly the case that you are, for the most part, speaking to a group already sympathetic to your message, I for one have changed a great deal in the years since we began our exchanges. These discussions have done more than simply "raised consciousness" - in some way my view of myself as a political subject has transformed. I would never have entertained communism as a live possibility years ago - I could engage with it "intellectually" but it was not a live option for me. Today, it would seem that socialism/communism provide the only language that remains available to us who wish to speak of the commons, of those things we hold in common. There are somethings that should not be for sale, not privatized or commodified nor monetized. I have always believed this to be the case but I have never before felt as if we lack a common language in which to state the obvious. The internet, as the tool and medium for communicative capitalism, has also enabled these exchanges - enabling this fundamental antagonism to show itself. Where we go from here is unclear but it is certain we are entering a time of great social, political and economic unrest. Everything is up for grabs - we must do more than tweet about it.:)
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This is information you have discussed in your most recent books but for some reason it sounds strangely foreign in the above context. I can't really explain it but I feel like vomiting, having just realized the consequences of this monstrosity - in fact, just now I couldn't remember my typepad log-in so I am posting this comment through my facebook account. What sort of useful information can they glean from this discussion? That you and I are interested in social media as a topic? That we are vaguely "leftist" in our consumer preferences (whatever that means)? It is just fucking ridiculous - at what point does this stop? And if, like financial capitalism itself, the virtual is infinite, infinitely malleable and unlimited in its application, how does one get outside as long as we continue to use the technology?
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Jun 13, 2011