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dude im muslim.. and i have a dog... and none of those quotes.. actually exist.. bro. comon man Nasai? Majah? who made up these names.. there nowhere in the koran man comon no ones gonna believe that cock spit. If you actually read my koran and showed me these entries i would covert olol, i dont think you understand what muslim is? lol silly disinformed man. Use what ammunition? somethng made out of ur ass? i dont say that the bible promotes anarchy and chaos.. because its not actually in there.. so think about it. Jews dont offend muslims. there more brethren to us. because if you read the koran the Christians and Jews are People of the booK.. who share abrahamic ethic.. you guys are like brothers and you have the same chance as entering paradise or fire as all muslims equally.. Find a Koran in English and read it if you have the balls.. you wont find any of that shit in there friend. :\