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Full MF set, holy frijoles! "Burn Trees" - they sound great! Huge thanks, Torsten.
Much respect to Mike, I saw them with him the first time, and he was tremendous. By no means a schlock—I am a huge Tiger Hatchery fan, and in that context, Mike is king—he's the American Peter Brotzmann. So I'd concur with your statement, "...he left and they found a new incredibly talented drummer...."
I love the way trollers assume that no thought was given to my points of comparison. Been listening to music likely since you were diapers, dude.
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Torsten, so glad you've started posting to BoTB. Great work as always, and you do a great job of putting me at the many shows I've missed. Faves this time are Bloody Panda and Ludicra.
Thanks for this
I don't hold rigidly to year of release in my lists—just look at the films! I do try to keep it more contempo with the music list, but sheesh, I *enjoyed* it this year, and that's what matters to me. I love it that the only comments this blog gets are attempted "corrections."
songs --- Catacomb City Lust in Times of Love Doctors Cat Feel the Drive Prayer for Clare Sweet Children Terminal to Infinity There's a Woman (Gino Soccio) Arrested Again (Return to Catacomb City) Police Beat (SSD) S.P.F.R. Pleasure Center
Here's Todd's set from the following night ---
Thanks for the article! Great photos!
That Go Topless link is NSFA...not safe for anyone. [insert Asian spam link here]
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Thanks Sven, I agree. I have totally lucked out with some very special performances by very special performers. I try to take the pressure off and relax people as much as possible, so that they feel at ease to create, as they would in their practice space, or something close to it. The Castle is just tense enough probably, not Carnegie Hall tense. Something about me? I'm genuine. A genuine asshole, but I'm genuine.
Tony, I've been really digging your presence here on BoTB; the music, the jpegs, your humor and whole approach to the posts are all refreshingly unconventional. I also like that Northwind record; I thought we had that one in the library, or used to....
Besides avo, from your comment, it's apparent to me that you merely skimmed the tracks, entering into it with weighted, even angry, preconceptions. Tell me you gave these tracks a real chance; I'll be shocked. K. --- Thanks for digging. I will not divulge Corey & Phillip's gear secrets—that's up to those guys!
Harshness begets harshness. Slap me, I will thrash you in return.
I am not a "reviewer" throwing around names. I've been listening to this kind of music, and doing a show on WFMU off and on since 1984. Where's your radio show, Mr. Opinions? Don't equate me with WFMU overall, while in the process making some sweeping comment about how we all praise everything from Brooklyn. I've been an intense music fan/listener since I was a toddler, and I'm in my 40s now, so don't insinuate that I'm suddenly following some Brooklyn-based praise trend. This is the music I love, whether it comes from Detroit, L.A., Finland, Germany 1972 or Bushwick. What's written above are my actual impressions and feelings about the music. These guys were not friends of mine BEFORE I acquired an interest in their music. You are quite obviously an embittered musician yourself who can't afford Brooklyn rents, and imagines that if only you could, you would be famous and embraced by WFMU. I'm not keeping anything to myself, not when it's this good. Take a look in the mirror, avo, then kill yourself. Usually I delete negative comments, but I didn't want you to think I was just silencing an opposing voice. There are no conspiracies here at WFMU, at least not on my show. I either like stuff, and play it/praise it to the heavens, or I don't.
Sometimes I like a bacon sandwich, on toasted rye, light brush of mayo---forget the lettuce, forget the tomato. But what I really, really like is that ass in the "I ♥ Bacon" panties.
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I sing "Ha" at least once a day.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on New Orleans Funky at WFMU's Beware of the Blog
Looks great, thanks!
I have not heard Yyrkoon—that's a compelling name, though!
I love that CD, Haney! Plug plug
Wow. I mean like, seriously wow. Thanks Lukas, I am in love!
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2009 on Hildegard Knef (video) at WFMU's Beware of the Blog