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@Sigma Male: Let me guess: you think that Asian women are ugly. Sadly this seems to be the real divide between pro-white, mostly pro-white, and pro-Asian h-bd'ers. 80% of it is how we think of Asian females--whether as irrelevant/ugly/useless, useful (but only as one-night stands and/or dutiful wives), or as lovely creatures to be worshiped. The latter attitude may, of course, be un-masculine, but really, I think traditional masculinity is evil, other than as self-defense to defeat those in favor of traditional masculinity. Traditional masculinity leads only to war and suffering, and boring lives of quiet desperation, for both men and women. Not to mention that it stifles creativity and real innovation--how many traditionally married men invent anything? Almost none. Usually they invented stuff before they got into traditional marriage. There are other ways of raising kids. And so what, if like me, their beautiful female sitters have their way with them? I think it would be better for all men, though sadly traditionalists despise nothing more than a man sexually enjoying being dominated by a female.
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Also, I believe that a major branch of h-bd that will rise (and be most popular amongst Asians and other "model minorities"), is the one devoted towards pointing out the biological problems of Anglo-Celtic people, most especially their inability to hold their liquor/drugs. I believe that this is one factor that put George Vaillant, a leftie academic (though white, I think he may be at least part Jewish), in the h-bd realist camp. Vaillant bashed Anglo-Celtic culture (though in typical academese) in _The Natural History of Alcoholism_ (1983/1995, Harvard).
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There might be a small number of elitist blacks and Hispanics, and their devotees (and I would count myself as one of them, though sadly this group is small), who will push h-bd.
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H-bd still has a life. Unfortunately for the U.S.A., the only h-bd'ers who will be able to speak the truth and get away with it will be East Asians, South Asians, and their devotees (mostly their devotees, since Asians don't tend to believe in putting stuff out in the open).
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2012 on I quit HBD blogging at Half Sigma
It is very simple: the only way h-bd will ever become recognized is if mainstream conservatism is defeated. In _We Are Doomed_, Derbyshire divided philosophy into three camps: Biologian, Culturist, and Religionist. Biologianism in its pure form is essentially Nazism, aka Right-Fascism. As should be obvious to anybody here, white Nazism is dead, but East Asian Nazism is rising quickly, including right here in our own back yard. Culturism in its pure form is essentially Communism, aka Left-Fascism. I don't think there are too many on this blog who would question that. Religionism in its pure form is Theocracy. The greatest weakness of Derbyshire's book, in my opinion, is that he failed to recognize the link between Religionism and the ideology of complete personal responsibility. They are one in the same. Complete personal responsibility is every bit as evil as Nazism and Communism. And it must be defeated at all costs. Any modern conservative movement, including h-bd, can only survive if it is divorced from Nazism and Theocracy, or 100% Personal Responsibility. That means that h-bders must be clear that environment and culture do make a real difference, even if they are far from 100%, less than 50% really (I'd say life outcomes are about 1/3 biological, 1/3 environmental, and 1/3 personal responsibility/choice). I think it is also a critical mistake to completely reject religion, or see it as only a way to control the masses. Everyone needs religion/spirituality, even though organized religion tends to be highly flawed and many forms of "spirituality" are either religion (i.e., 12 Steps) or conversely, New Age B.S. There is no certainty that God(s) exist, but I think it is essential for human wellbeing to believe some form of deity exists. That's why most of the Founding Fathers considered themselves Deists, rather than either atheists, agnostics, or Christians.
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"Illiterate goat-herders have killed 3,000 coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan and show that you don't have to be able to win in battle. You just have to make it costly enough that the other side no longer wishes to fight." Exactly. Though to be honest, one reason I am pro gun is that I'd much rather have Bible Belters having recreation with guns than being bored and angry.
edit: by "you" I mean readers with white nationalist inclinations, not "you" as in Half Sigma.
To be honest I don't much care. I can speak freely about h-bd without getting in trouble. Of course it doesn't hurt that I'm totally pro-East Asian. Seems to me you can get away with being pro-hbd, so long as it is not in favor of white gentiles. Which leads to the question, do you really care about h-bd at a scientific level, or do you just want to advance white gentiles?
I don't even think of Christmas as a Christian holiday anymore. Its pagan roots are showing more and more every year. And in my case, I care way more about Asian gals than anything of the West (thus white nationalist hatred of said females). So I say Merry Christmas to my fellow non-Christians.
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asdf, As I stated earlier Asians are definitely more on the Machiavellian side. But many whites seem to have this amoral outlook as well, especially younger whites and culturally more liberal whites, as well as, again stated earlier, white ethnics. The massive increase in the use of narcotic pharmaceuticals and "medical" marijuana in the last 15 years also may be contributing to moral relativism. On the other hand, I don't think moral relativism is a completely bad thing. Moral absolutism can lead to ideological, rigid thinking and therefore be crippling, both to individuals and organizations. Paleoconservative writer James Burnham (in the 1940s) wrote a whole book called _The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom_. The Founding Fathers also seem to have very Continental/Eastern views of power. Moral absolutists can be far too trusting of the powers that be--on the other hand, moral relativists may see it as in their interests to go along with corrupt people in power.
Seems to me that white views of Asians depend heavily on the environment that said whites grew up in. Whites who grew up around lots of Asians tend to be pro-Asian or at least not anti-Asian, whereas whites who grew up in near-all white environments see Asians as incorrigible foreigners. I'll admit I'm especially pro-Asian in part because, thanks to some dark-skinned Asian day care sitters who loved children a little too much, I was rather intimate with Asians at a very early age.
My numbers regarding nonwhite IQs are just guesses, but they seem reasonable to me. I just doubt that 100 percent of the observed deficit in black and Hispanic IQ is genetic; 50% seems a more reasonable estimate on the face of it. As for the Asian IQ numbers, one has to remember that Asians are still recovering from cultural backwardness; as I have stated earlier, East Asians seem to have clearly been less historically fortunate than Euros, and Northwest Euros in particular.
My biggest concerns about Asian immigration are (1) Tendency towards corruption [though this is an issue with white ethnics and Jews too, admittedly perhaps to a lesser extent], (2) The possibility that there are few major scientific advancements within our reach, making the flood of Asians into STEM a near zero sum game, and (3) Abuse of the H1b system to attract obedient Asian immigrants and further make workplaces more hostile to less conventional people [though this will take care of itself to an extent, Americanized Asians seem if anything more Continental European like in culture, i.e. more culturally liberal]. The corruption thing is my biggest concern, given the stagnation in Southern and Eastern Europe, Israel, and the East Asian democracies. Even white ethnics may be contributing to today's problems in the U.S.; a major part of cultural liberation, IMO, has been the de-Anglo-Saxonization of the U.S.A. since the mid-1960s. To put it shortly, non-Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples seem to believe in _The 48 Laws of Power_ more (Robert Greene, the author of The 48 Laws of Power, is himself is Jewish, Machiavelli was Italian). The lack of potential scientific advances available hopefully is temporary--this appeared to be the case in the 1970s but was followed by the digital revolution in the 1980s and 1990s.
Anthony, I disagree. Asians are conformist because their cultures haven't advanced as much as the West has. Japan is still stuck in the 1950s, China in the 19th century or earlier, and even culturally more open South Korea has only recently (20 years) escaped dictatorship. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore are all limited by their small land areas. More generally speaking, I think that whites just aren't as great as pro-white people claim they are--all whites have is OK genetics and a lot of historical luck. Northeast and Central East (say between 25 and 40 N, excluding Japan which I would lump with the north thanks to it being an island*) has a *huge* advantage in IQ and conscientiousness over whites, I'd say 2/3 SD in each. Vietnamese are still probably around 1/3 SD over whites, Cambodians and Filipinos about equal (though still some edge in conscientiousness), with only the Hmong, Thais, Indonesians, and Malaysians slightly trailing whites. When it comes to blacks and Hispanics, the actual genetically based gaps are probably only about have as large as the observed ones (putting blacks at 92/93 and Hispanics at around 95). Blacks also have a disadvantage in conscientiousness, though they also have advantages in entertainment, which if you enjoy and kind of rock, blues, or jazz is no small thing. Hispanics are also reasonably good in grind-it-out jobs like the trades and low-level retail management. Though I am against further unfiltered Hispanic immigration, I believe America is better off for Hispanics; construction, auto work, plumbing, and retail goods (not just stoop labor ones, see above about low-level retail management) would all be substantially more expensive without Hispanics. And anybody who thinks Asian immigration is bad, or that Jewish and Southern/Eastern European immigration were bad, has their head up their @$$. *Japan's insularity and persistent cultural conservatism, IMO, have a lot to do with it being an island nation. A lot of the cultural right-wing crap in the U.S. also has a lot to do with England and the Celtic countries (who make up America's core ethnic stock) being islands. The U.K. itself is more culturally moderate now, to an extent, thanks to its proximity to Europe. I am not sure exactly how Canada and Australia have escaped cultural backwardness, given their having Anglo-Celtic ethnic cores. It may have to do with the particular subgroups who came to America, such as the Puritans and Scots-Irish, who are culturally right-wing.
I totally agree with your stance on Avatar. Digital Piracy at its worst.
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