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Glenn's review of the film makes it sound like it emphasizes Tarantino's biggest weaknesses, particularly his tendency to draw out certain dialogue-based scenes -- especially dialogue scenes that ostensibly highlight QT's cleverness -- well past the breaking point and his tendency to cast himself. However, I gotta tell ya, as an abstract proposition, a three-hour homage to Blazing Saddles directed by Quentin Tarantino doesn't sound too bad to me.
"Summer of Sam" with my mom when I was 12, neither of us knowing beforehand that it was a couple shots of John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino banging shy of being NC-17. Nor were we aware that it would come to hold the record for most "fuck"s per minute. The film was a near constant stream of sound and images which are awkward to watch with your mom, ESPECIALLY when you happen to be going through puberty at the time. A close runner-up would be the time I watched "Martyrs" with my girlfriend, and it nearly caused us to break up.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on Almost too easy at Some Came Running
@Phil Hopefully the print will find its way to Detroit after the rest of the Midwest has had our way with it. @Glenn I wonder how many votes "Yi Yi" received. If any film from the 2000s other than "In the Mood for Love" and "Mulholland Dr." had a chance to crack the top 50, it would almost certainly be that one. It ranks third (after "Mood for Love" and "Mulholland Dr.") on both the Film Comment and TSPDT best-of-the-2000s lists.
@Phil I don't know where you live, but a new 35mm print of Celine and Julie Go Boating has been traveling around the U.S. lately. I was lucky enough to see it here in St. Louis when it came through for a night a fortnight ago. Check your local listings! If you're not so fortunate, there has been recent chatter about Criterion releasing it soon (perhaps some time this year even).
This post speaks either to Glenn's dedication to futile causes (fact-checking IMDb plot summaries inexplicably quoted by Slate writers) or to his unmatched ability to find weird pretexts for close-watching the sex scenes in A Clockwork Orange. Admirable, either way.
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Mar 26, 2012