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LMAO!! You so crack me up. I have to say though... my boys put a lot of effort into who gets what. My oldest who is 11, has it a bit backwards though... he makes sure all the cool cards go to the boys and the cards he deems as less than worthy go to the girls. lol What a kid. My other son, 8, isn't sexist, so he just gives his favourite friends his favourite cards. Bless him! lol
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I am quite certain that Darcy was just letting us know that letting her child explore his environment does not equate to simply standing around and watching as her child "explores" a hot stove for example. I thought that was obvious. Nobody said anything about magical preventions.
Oh, and just a note about the teeter totters... you forgot to mention that kids would purposely lift their legs to MAKE it bump when they hit bottom, just to knock the person who was "up" flying. Can't tell you how many pissed off and injured kids there were from that particular little trick...
When I was oh so very young and in kindergarten, I was left to leave home by myself and stand outside our building in all weather including our famous Canadian winters all alone. Oh, and did I mention that our home was on a major highway? And then if I missed my bus, here I was just 5 or 6yrs old walking down the highway trying to get to school, because I'd always remember the trip as being short. Well of course it was short in driving terms! I never did find my school, but I WAS found by the police a few times!! WTH were my parents thinking??? My kids are now 8 and 11, and I STILL walk them to their bus stop! They will never go out to the highway by themselves until they are at least 16! lol
My husband and I both grew up with a lot of freedom, and so did our friends, but not all of us used great judgement. When I was only 9 or 10, I drove my bike 5 miles back in the bush. It's amazing that I found my way to my old home based on memory alone, and I'm really lucky I didn't get lost in the middle of nowhere with no way to get back home. My husband is lucky to have lived at all with all the stuff he's done! And I remember a guy friend of mine who would put GT skis on his bike and he'd go "sledding" down hills on that death trap invention of his during winter, and in the summer he'd jump off train bridges into the narrow river with his bike. How that boy survived any given day of his life is beyond me. But I do miss the space we had to play. Things are more dangerous now with the crowded spaces we live in.
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Jan 5, 2012