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“The Germans, our first colonial master, and the English virtually abandoned us but the French have remained and have become our real friends.” Chief Endeley told his guests. According to The Post (March 13, 2007), Chief Endeley made the statement, Saturday March 3, while welcoming French Ambassador to la République du Cameroun Georges Serre and wife, to the Buea Town residence of former UN Representative to Congo, Dr. Namata Ngongi. In the 1944 Brazzaville Conference where France unveiled her blueprint for the continuous plunder and brutality of their colonized possessions in negation of the global decolonization spirit in a post-Hitler world, part of the declaration read: “The goal of the task of civilization by France in her colonies rule out any possibility of evolution outside the French block of the empire. The eventual creation even in the distant future of ‘self-government’ for the colonies is to be set aside … In greater colonial France, they are neither people to enfranchise nor racial discrimination to abolish. They are populations which we intend to conduct stage by stage to a political personality and for the more developed to political rights. But this will mean that the only independence they will want will be the independence of France.” Africa and the Southern Cameroons remains burdened with a certain breed, hopefully on the verge of passing on naturally, which continues to remind us on why the continent remains the last enchanting laboratory for all sorts of human misery. This breed have for centuries been conducted stage by stage to political personalities that enable them to betray the essence of Africa’s collective humanity. Some of our Chiefs and Fons in the Southern Cameroons have fit perfectly into this Gaullist view of Africa. Africa and the Southern Cameroons remains bedeviled by the likes of Chief Endeley, who undeservedly sits on the remains of a glorious son of the land, Chief Kuva Likenye, who bravely fought off the colonial invasion on the Atlantic coast of the Southern Cameroons in the shadow of the Chariots of Gods, Mount Fako, in order to be a master of himself and not an infant that should one day lament abandonment by the invading and predatory white man. A predator and invader, who did not come because of any love for Africa, but to de-humanize, plunder and steal as much as they could. That a Chief who should be a leader and inspiration of a people; a great grand father, grand father and father, will in 2007 lament that others “abandoned us” would have been comical if not of the sad situation his people find themselves in: the daylight rape and pillage of the ancentral lands, no industry, no hospitals or adequate healthcare, routine massacre of students and other local inhabitants by French-trained and armed terrorists from across an international established boundary. This well-aged Chief, who is wailing like an infant for being abandoned by the white man, is a picture of a person’s dignity in the comfort of a pit latrine. Shouldn’t Chief Endeley and others like him be inspiring their people not to depend on others rather than lamenting the abandonment of the Germans that Chief Kuva Likenye resisted; the British who considered him and the rest of Southern Cameroonians as “dispensable?” The British may just have come across one too many of his likes to reach the conclusion that indeed, we of the Southern Cameroons were dispensable. And to fit the Gaullist picture as one of those “more developed” natives who has been “conducted … to political rights” he lays prostrate in front of a reject, a purveyor of cruelty and death in Africa, the representative of a country, France, who in the words of Charles De Gaulle considers Chief Endeley and his people as “a little gift to France from the Queen of England.” Mr. Chief, in 2007 you freely made a gift of your human dignity and intelligence to this Georges Serre, French Ambassador to la République du Cameroun, expressing not so subtly that you obviously wish to shamelessly spend your remaining days in the “French block of the empire,” where the only independence you will want is the independence of France. Georges “Likanye” Serre and his wife, “Eposi” must have taken leave of you with a smile on their faces and a spring in their steps. However, Chief, you and your privileged and notable friends who welcomed this messenger of death and honored him must be aware of what the architect of the brutalization of Africa, Charles De Gaulle, thought of his own people when they were under occupation as our land, the Southern Cameroons is today. We paraphrase him: The Southern Cameroons, betrayed the UN, the British, and her ruling and privileged classes, has embarked on the greatest revolution in all her history. At this very moment Chief, in the secrecy of her suffering, an entirely new Southern Cameroons is rising, and she will be guided by new men and women to a better future for herself, Africa, and the world. VISIT: WWW.SOUTHERNCAMEROONSIG.ORG