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Women Care Group Non Profit
Women care group 101 (WCG101) is an organization formed to bring relief and aid to helpless victims all over the world irrespective of race or religion.
Interests: Our Activities and interests include the followings: Women empowerment Free education for children Women & trafficking Youth drug awareness Working with other ngo’s our volunteer support Volunteering programs Women empowerment Women Care Group101, empower women through its training work shop for hand works and by the means of micro loan support. WCG101 hope to organize Youth craft and skill training, training the youth about and sex education, creating more schools, teaching women on how to take care of newborns and how to be economical through savings, organizing and teaching the young girls and women family planning Program, Youth Sport Club for the handicapped and free skillful training, free Community Hospital for children and women, accommodation and support for orphanage homes.
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Mar 18, 2011
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Mar 18, 2011
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Mar 17, 2011
We are small and standing like a tiny candle in the wind. we are the little candle glimpse of hope 2 those living in total darkness. Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2011 at wcg101's blog
The very poor women and kids in my charity home always give me a heart warming welcome and hugs and kisses there is no joy like it, No words can describe the oy I feel when they do that.....
We sit and pray hoping and hope to get better...
We pray and hope for better....
SHIP... SHIP... ship.... ship.....ship.... Say Tiny A voice from far away... look back am behind you only am so small you can't see me .. You can only see me if you look further with your heart.....for I am here waiting for you.! A massage of hope from brought to you by WOMEN CARE GROUP101 NON PROFIT .... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at wcg101's blog
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Mar 4, 2011