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Another installment in the category of "You've got nuttin' coming" not to be confused with Tutankhamun. Actually, Repo man is a bit harsh. The correct term is Revenue Recovery Agent, please make a note of this. What? Ya don't pay we yank your, I mean our, stuff. Nuff said !!
Turd in da punchbowl,yes yes! You've summed up BP's position clearly. The Gulf of Mexico is the punchbowl, I get it, I really get it! Or maybe the economy is the punchbowl and all the unemployed are the TURDS !! Brilliant ! Then again, if all is one and one is all, does that mean we get a CRAPPY punch ? How about a nice Hawaiian punch ?
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2010 on American Contrition at MortarBlog
What a great branding opportunity for some of the California Medical Cannabis Cooperatives ! The irresistible 'Top Pot' donuts now in loaded or unloaded versions. "For Donuts thats chillin,one bite and you'll be thrillin, let Top Pot Rock your World today! Rush down and don't delay" Another day/ Another brand ...Nothing that Donuts can't do!!
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Jul 7, 2010