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Omitting parking points out an issue. Underground is probably prohibitively expensive. In general if you ask a citizen of the urban world what pisses them off the most, it might be traffic, or parking, or similar where someone is essentially transporting themselves from one location to another and needs a spot to park. The answer is public transport. Park outside the vicinity then take a tram/subway etc to get to the destination. This answer pisses people off because they want to drive with their own car, find the closest spot to the front door then drive away. As far as I know there is no urban solution to this without infuriating traffic and a bunch of cranky people. Park&ride might be a solution they have to put up with. SimCity could add a variable in the game showing lack of parking as an issue needing to be addressed, but we here in RL haven't figured that one out yet ourselves yet.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2014 on how sim city greenwashes parking at Human Transit
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Oct 11, 2014