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Jason Wood
I'm living proof that professional success does not have to come at the expense of personal fulfillment.
Interests: music, innovation, my kids, my friends, podcasting, open source, memes, web2.0, my family, movies, technology, blogging, comic books, snowboarding, hip hop, software, fantasy football, jogging, my wife, social networking, douglas adams, trivia, venture investing, m&a, applications, saas, philadelphia eagles, iq versus aptitude, faith versus rational thought, colorado, capital markets, college hoops, analysis, new jersey, public equity investing, enterprise2.0, platforms, wharton, penn, marathon running (in theory), convergence, digital media consumption
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Excellent episode, sirs. I wasn't familiar with Brad's work before this show. He's quite the character. I love that he's self aware and can look back at his past and see it for what it was, versus being defensive about his old days.
Sirs! You know I consistently love your show and think it's the best artist-centric interview show in the cosmos. But when y'all take a quick minute to riff about things just sitting around the porch sipping tea, I really enjoy it. This episode reminded me of a Sidebar-flavored ep of our show, in all the best ways! The free pass discussion? TRUTH. I don't know that I would've included NA in as an example, but Chaykin? I always say there is good Chaykin and bad Chaykin, and we've seen a LOT of bad Chaykin lately. Another cat that hurts me visually now more than not, but gets a pass from many = Kyle Baker. I'm sorry, but seeing his Hawkman and Deadpool rendered in poser is an affront to his brilliance in times past. On the writing tip, no one personifies this more than Warren Ellis. He PHONES IN his for-hire stuff at the Big 2 usually, yet is spot on (most of the time) doing his own thing. Keep on keepin' on peoples, Wood (RE: Woooooooooood, thanks for writing and checking us out. You're a beautiful man, sir. I have another buddy who says that same thing about Warren. And oddly enough, my ish by him tends to be creator-owned stuff (Fell, Planetary, no Nextwave). Go figger. Keep on sippin' at 11 O'Clock, bruh, we likey. S)
The markets are up. The media is happy. Economists are patting themselves on the back saying the "worst is over." And certainly in many respects it FEELS that way, doesn't it? And happily, as an investor, times are better than... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2010 at The Ponderings of Woodrow
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Mar 15, 2010
Image by digital_monkey via Flickr This year has been an exercise in patience in many ways. The market fell to near catastrophic lows in March and many were questioning the very financial underpinnings of our society, and now less than... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2009 at The Ponderings of Woodrow
Testing out blog integration with Twitter feed Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2009 at The Ponderings of Woodrow
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Dec 2, 2009
I remember when my parents bought me a Guidebook for Left Handers many many moons ago and it warmed my heart to see how 'special' it was to be a south paw. Thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane Ben. And you're right, I too am ambidextrous in so much as I throw and bat and swing a golf club right handed, despite writing, painting, drawing left handed.
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