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VTER, you are right, she is not putting drunks on the road, but by her actions she is keeping them there. Tell me, if there are such huge issues, why have we not heard from other states who also use this system? I think a commenter on the WCAX hit the nail on the head...she received a free education from the state and is now pointing blame at the state to gain attention for her new business. Not the first person to do that. Unfortunately if that is the case this will go to court and if she is wrong then she is not only putting drunks back on the road but she is costing the state tax money by having to go to court. The state has enough financial issues we do NOT need to pay for a person such as this who may be doing this merely for attention. If that is determined to be the case i would hope the state sues for all legal costs and then some. I still do not see how she can testify against a machine she felt was fine when employed by the state. Do you think that makes sense? You can not ethically testify a machine is fine when a persons life depends on that testimony. If there was a serious issue it should have been brought up. Sounds like perjury to me. If Andy Bromage did such a good job on this story as Darcy states on her website, then why isn't he interviewing the people at the lab and getting more information on the Datamaster? I would like to hear both sides of the far we have only heard from her point of view. Not a good way for anyone to make an informative decision and not a way to report a story well. If the state has nothing to hide i would think they would open their doors and answer questions as to its operation. Why have we not heard anything from the state lab??
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I checked out her business site and read her affidavit. If she was so against the Datamaster, why did she continue to testify for the state of vermont in court that it worked just fine? something doesn't add up. she is doing nothing more than putting drunks on the road to kill us and our kids. thanks a lot mrs. richardson. do you have kids? if so, how do you sleep at night?
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Apr 7, 2011