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This is the most sensible thing I've read on the mess at SSE for a long time. SSE's response to Kent is way over the top. Kent is right about Svalbard. The problem with Svalbard is that it is for duplicate samples: but for anything deposited the originals are covered by the FAO Seed Treaty. This depends for its income on a tax on patented derivatives of samples. The Treaty also `facilitates access' to samples - that is, makes it easier for Monsanto and the rest to patent. Also Svalbard is mainly used by developed countries as a mechanism of putting genetic resources from developing countries into the Treaty without the knowledge or permission of these countries. For example, there are 95,722 samples from Mexico in Svalbard although Mexico has deposited nothing itself and is not a member of the Treaty. SSE is now a party to this biopiracy
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Nov 16, 2010