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Thanks for all the clarification Joy. :-) You sound like you are doing your homework. certainly sound organized! There is probably a place to explore time management skills an VIP executive would--- or a lawyer (charges by the minute...very aware of time). I have thought to get one of those cute kitchen timers, and set it. Once it goes an hour, or whatever (sometimes only 15 minutes-- say on Pinterest) might work well for you. Watch out for Pininterest...I get sucked into to all the wonderful organizing ideas, and all the recycled arts and crafts! before I know it, 45 minutes (or more!) have gone by and absolutely nothing gets done. Or I forgot what i am supposed to get done. Twitter...I still don't want to get it. I don't want to live life in short little tweets. I think you CAN choose what to have in your life...and edit, edit, edit...what works, and what doesn't? Keep track, keep a notebook journal ( you need more things to keep track of...I KNOW!)...maybe even where you most lose time on. Keep us posted!
I want to ask you a simple question joy. "Why?" What is your long term goal with investing all the time, and effort? What is it that you envision happening? I assume there would be some sort of income for you? I know nothing about blogging as a income, though I have heard it can. My second question is...did you really read all those dummies books in the photo? I guess, I should read them too, as I am so clueless LOL. I allowed facebook to become a real bad time suck. It has to stop soon. I took a year to redefine who I am, and where my art was a direction I did not like. I let my etsy expire, and I stopped making the kinds of things that always sold, but I did not like making. I also stopped the 8-10 hours per day of promoting my work online. That left me exhausted and NOT in the mood to create more items in my "spare time" left over. for several months, my work still circulated around the net...but its come to a dead standstill. I don't have a blog, nor twitter, nor pin interest, and I don't keep my flickr updated. My Facebook is more times then not just a personal waste of time, though its enlightening, fun, and thoroughly inspiring! I do make great friends in the art, design, and craft worlds...and that is important. I also link up with ein the environmental world, as well as the global fashion scene-- 2 of my top interests. I think you have to delve into all this with caution...and understand on a daily basis to make assessments on how your time is being used, and how far off the goal s you get. Because it WILL happen LOL. I think of unplugging ALL the time! But then, where would I be? I would be non existent! I do think my personal Facebook has to go. I need a professional page. I probably need to finally get that professional web site too. Good lord....I don't twitter, and I don't have a blog (that didn't last long) , and I don't really know how to do link'in because I keep forgetting passwords. My last question to you Joy...did you find all those books really all that helpful? I the time I read them all there will be some new thing out we all havve to embrace. ~~~;-) its exhausting.
Hey, I still get confused looks from cashiers when I say "No plastic bag...thank you." Sometimes, I will just walk out of the store with the one or 2 items in my bare hands...with the receipt prominently visible that is. I also have seen them start to bag my groceries, despite my own bag is sitting right there...due to busy checkouts, and they are not mindfully focused. You mention that bags sold by the checkout counter. Yes, I suppose they are a better solution then nothing...but most often those are plastic polyester fiber...and they get worn, and wind up in landfills after many uses too. They are not recyclable. I had bought several of them over the past few years before I got wiser. I have seen how most wear poorly and don't have much of an extended life. I believe they are just yet another way for the plastics industry to "appear green." There are 2 kinds...those fabric feeling ones (polyester fabric) ...they do not wear long or well. Then the plastic totes...which are just thicker plastic bags...often times with cool graphics we all are drawn to at a moments notice. In the end they all are plastic...and all are not recyclable.. I wonder just how many of these...wind up in landfills each year too? Sure, using them cuts down on the "free" store plastic bags...but I feel we are duped into feeling we are going green...when we are just STILL using plastic bags...only we PAY for them! Give me a canvas bag I can throw in the washing lasts decades. It can be patched up. Thanks for yet another great post Joy.
Oh...this is THE BEST site I HAVE EVER found, in all my dozens and dozens of hours of research-- I had temporarily lost the link-- tons and tons of info, videos, recordings, and photos from someone I respect. The whole site is worth checking out.
I forgot to add...a sealed metal can of pebbles, coins, or glass marbles make a great noisemaker also. excellent account of young women and dog attacked near den territory: Last but not least: Coyote footage...(encouraging danger for the sake of video footage, but fascinating to watch) and... Sheer stupidity to sit down on the ground to film a close makes them unafraid and MORE dangerous: More helpful info on living safely amongst coyotes: "Living peaceably with urban coyotes....."
Ah...this is very scary Joy. I forget where you live...but know that coyote pups are born around this time, and both mamma and papa needs to be extra aggressive is finding food to feed the litter of babies, and defend territory from any intruders. Coyotes mate for life -long term studies have shown that males take an equal role in providing for pups, and defending the territory. There might be a variety of reasons why the coyote attacked. A national study has been done ongoing for years in the Chicago region: where I live. We literally have a scientifically estimated 2000 plus coyotes in Chicago and the suburbs surrounding it.Coyotes live in downtown Chicago near the Art Institute, they are in back yards, and one can even see them in factory districts. there is much info on the web about living rationally, and peacefully with coyotes-- as they do serve a positive role in keeping down rodents,deer, and rabbit numbers. In a word...they are good for the environment. Here was my first encounter while walking our little Jack Russel...shown in a series of 10 photos: Scared me a lot...and I went on a obsessive education to teach myself how to stay safe and still enjoy the wildlife all around us. Coyotes are just living in this world...trying to exist just as we do. Yes, there are some "bad" coyotes" out there....they might have been tamed by people who feed them. Also, never stare at a coyote...eye to eye contact is a threatening signal...and they either will back down...are respond with aggression if they are used to being around humans. I would ask you to consider where you are walking your dog, and perhaps walk it elsewhere to avoid the coyote(s). Coyotes can work in packs, and though you might be able to fend one off, an attack by 2, or 3 will not end well, for you or the dog. Depending on where you live in North America...the Eastern coyote DNA is showing Wolf ...the Wolf/coyote "eastern" coyote is bigger, and more aggressive. There is only one case on historical record of a human being killed by Nova Scotia...and the coyotes were found to be of this same hybrid mix that is showing up as far west as the middle of Canada, and the Eastern USA. All coyotes in this region now have wolf DNA -- they have been interbreeding. I want to tell you, I have seen the coyotes as I walk my dog after the event I describe in the link above. I now walk constantly scanning my back, front and sides as I walk- on high alert. They are known to follow you- out of curiosity, or dominance. I make loud noise, talk to the dog, and when I see one on the path who does not want to let us pass, or follows us very sneaky like ...I do NOT back down. I make myself large...arms out, stand tall, and yell. I do not run, I don't shriek or scream. I do NOT retreat. I shorten the leash so the dog is hugging my body...and I take a loud bold step or 2 forward towards the coyote. I want it to know I am NOT EVER to be reckoned with. So far it works. However, its sheer lunacy to walk the dog in these woods at dawn, or dusk...when the coyotes are sure to be out. The times during a sunny middle of the day encounters (there have several now over a 2 square mile range where I find a coyote at the very least watching us...especially Snoopy)... have been fascinating. Pepper spray is great, a loud noise those air cans is good too. But, since your encounter was so close and bold...I would advise you to not walk your dog in that area. You might want to get together with your neighbors, and make sure no one is putting out food for cats, or other pets. A friend of mine...has bird feeders all over her yard, feeds about 200 ducks each night, and puts out food for the deer, and the feral cats. She then wonders why she has coyotes in her yard? They have most likely eaten the one gray feral cat who just disappeared. Its people who are making coyotes bold and aggressive for the most part. I hope this helps. I got lots more info if you even need it. Most coyotes live out lives avoiding humans...but there is always a bad apple so to speak...just like there are good humans, and bad ones. We tend to only hear about the bad coyotes eating people's cats or dogs...while hundreds of others live peacefully all around us. It sounds like you have a very bold desperate coyote out there. I wish you and your pet the very best. Oh, and be careful of letting your young children play outdoors in coyote land. One can never be too careful.
In my mind I am a minimalist. Back in the 1980s, my loft was on a TV show about hoarders...back before it was recognized. My husband and I were shown in shadows so we could not be recognized. We both contributed to each others problems. It better now..husband gone so his "stuff" is no longer around, and I live in a smaller place. Yet, I have the same issues, despite having therapy, and reading ...using every tool I can to deal with this problem. I have been able to contain most of my issues to 2 areas...though 2 areas are huge problems indeed....crafts/art supplies, and books. I simply need more space, and I cannot afford it. Thus, I just am so attached to my possessions in these 2 categories and its very out of control. Its easy to donate clothes, and other people's fact, I am always finding and donating. I am the one in our family to donate unwanted items. Yet, the books...most are not in electronic form to begin with. The art supplies (I use that term very loosely because I have shown my trash fashions in galleries, and won "trash" becomes an art "supply" too. It would be so easy if I only worked in one media, and only did one kind of art. but my creativity is all over the place. Tools can be quite do the thousands of other supplies. boxing, and organizing is a full time job...and once its done, I can mess it all up in one hour's worth of creativity. Its can take 3 full days to clean up and organize...sometimes even weeks...and in a flash its all like a hurricane went through the rooms. I work everywhere in my 2 bedroom condo. the van is packed, the basement too. Just wanted to share.. I have been learning about, coping with, getting help for this issue for around 20 plus years now. Nice to keep reading about others success. Its really like dieting...we live in a very abundant United States. Access to cheap foods, and consumer goods is everywhere. Its brainwashed us 24 /7. Its no wonder we have these problems of over abundance and obesity). Thanks Joy, for yet another insightful post.
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Feb 10, 2013
Dear Joy, You have an incredible ability to write about this topic. this is the best essay I have ever read on the topic. I wrote another long response...but I don't think it went through here. So I am writing again. I hop[e one of these responses go through to your blog. The older I get the more i realize I can only change myself. I am not a good community organizer, and my passions can tend to get me into trouble. So, I have found I just do what I can...and if an opportunity to gently suggest new eco behavior exists...I try. but the guilting and ranting turns so many folks off...its the worst thing to do with non green people. Awareness is key. shopping is an addictive sport in this country...the internet and constantly upgraded new technologies make it ever easier to shop and consume. Most folks don't think about their eco footprint. They live in the moment...they want that ___ which is "on sale" this week, and they don't think twice about ditching their old outdated ____ . As full time consumers, they never go outside...unless it its to drive around in over scheduled lives...children are carted to a myriad of after school activities, then its home and homework dinner, and bed. Kids don't explore outside...its unsanitary, dangerous, and "boring" My step sister is a 3rd grade teacher...they take away all games and cell phones during school. Kids continually whine that their 20 minutes of recess time is boring, and they want their electronic games! When I worked 4 years at a nature center...the inner city kids that came were frightened...even the 6th graders...of everything...from geese flying overhead, to the stuffed opossum on the shelf (which they always asked what was it...a rat? a raccoon?). When one thinks that an inner city kid might not ever know something beyond a weed growing through sidewalk cracks.... or a posh suburban kid never even playing on his heavily polluted "chem lawn" we can see how humans turn in no green adults. I spent 15 minutes last night taking all my neighbors recyclables out of the trash bin and putting into the recycle bin. I cannot educate them...its just easier to do it myself. I feel good about it, and I feel "green" in doing this small bit. ranting to them would do NO good. Guilt makes people not try usually makes then go in the opposite direction. I used to rant about recycling to everyone. How could they NOT recycle???? but you know what? Its a much deeper problem. Its about all that we CONSUME. Telling Americans to consume less, and its like admitting you are a satanist, or a member of the KKK ! These times....Americans have never had such cheap goods. "Its good for the economy" we are told. "Spend, Buy MORE....You will be happy, popular, beautiful,sexy "...and on it goes. Everywhere we turn, there are cheaply priced goods. Humans live in the moment...due to advertising, and TV. We don't have "green" commercials. We don't have commercials telling us, for every time we upgrade to a new electronic device, or buy another toy, we are ultimately screwing up the environment. Its too great a concept for us all to admit, or think about. My way of going green is to consume less, recycle more...including others cast offs, educate via my art made out of trash in galleries and art shows. So I am green IMO. I don't need anyone to debate that...despite all my non-green daily life's ways.
"I couldn't believe that this rationale appeared in an ACC publication. " I can...because the point of the article (the author is a professional writer) was to show that knitting scarves is her relaxation. Isn't that perfectly OK? Just as painting a landscape on canvas, or embroidering fabric, or even throwing pots on a wheel one can have times of mindless of bliss....I think we don't have to be every moment always creating something for a show, book, or for the public view. Even the most successful creative person much surely have mental down time. Creating for the sheer enjoyment of the mechanical ok. I really enjoy your column here Harriete, give me much to ponder. Some of my very best work comes when I let my over thinking stop, and allow impulsive playfulness to happen.
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i was using photoshop elements 3.0 and just bought 8.0....and its different to make a contact sheet then this...even thought they are both "photoshop." When I figure it out, do you mind if I post it here? Elements does the same things most of us need for enhancing our photos...and elements in a fraction of the price of full photoshop.
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Harriete...can you share links to some good critique groups?
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Its impossible to "get all artists in the same pricing arena" regardless of how much sense all these articles make. The community is so diverse and far reaching. If one uses these smart formulas, but retains selling in a low priced marketplace, with customers unwilling to pay even a fraction of the price...what is the next step? If you cannot find a higher end customer....why bother continued creating/filling up your studio or life with unsold work? Also, there are always going to be people who copy other artists and lo ball their items...and thus, they possibly sell much more then you and I could EVER hope for. I have seen it and experienced this myself throughout the last 30 years of my creative careers. I have found that customers,(even the corporate buyers) often look for the lower prices but also the most quality/ ingenuity possible. If they find a recycled metal flower pin (an example only) for $30.00....why will they purchase another one that is similar (but made by another artist) for $400.00? Not all customers care about artist reputations. In the end, the issue after changing prices, is to get a huge reputation so that one's work is considered an "investment" and subsequently seek out the educated art/craft buyer. Investors are willing to pay higher are high end collectors. Finding this niche can often take a lifetime. in the mean time, many artists are just content to sell at lower prices. Your average etsy or artfire shopper is unwilling or unable to purchase at the prices that we artists feel are reasonable according to Anne's wise computations. even galleries might tell an artist they have priced the work too high. what are the solutions? I quit my corporate art career, and boy have I had a rude awakening about how I can bill my time AND still sell my artful creations. I won't go back to commercial illustration or corporate animation....but even galleries are having hard economic times these days. Its exhausting and confusing these days to create art or carft and survive on the income.
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May 31, 2010