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FWIW, I probably fall in a more depressed version of @Dominik's camp. Exposure occurs. Teachers care but many fundamental things seemed misguided at best and harmful at worst. I think @Alan is setting the bar too low. Lots of people learn lots of things without a gigantic machine and vast amounts of money in place dedicated to that purpose. There ought to be really dramatic demonstrable benefits from all this energy, structure, and money. I can't see it as an ocean/universe comparison as these aren't systems designed for a purpose- plumbing yes (shoe laces no). I imagine education (in the way we're talking about it) is a designed system with some sort of (ill) defined goal. To decide if education is broken I imagine we'd have to agree on what education is supposed to do (and which part is supposed to do what) and how to measure the impact of the energy in vs the output. I don't envy anyone that task for a small portion of the pie, let alone at scale. Personally, I can't imagine anyone looking at USA K12 (my home turf) would be wildly happy with the results at a macro level. I also think it's hard to separate culture and education. It'd be hard to argue that US education/culture is churning out happy citizens, who have the ability to resist manipulation, think critically and delay gratification for the betterment of themselves and/or the world (a super slim version of my hopes for education). It seems that many teachers are unhappy, many students are unhappy, and lots of people are unhappy with the "results." I predict current efforts will make all participants (vendors excluded) less happy. I don't know if this would be the definition of "broken" but it's certainly messed up and I have no idea how anyone could possibly fix it. I think of K12 education as being a lot like the USA's medical system. Expectations, goals etc. are all messed up.
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Dec 26, 2012