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It does raise the question of why they even have a website if they object to people linking to it.
Surely you didn't like 'Pearl Harbour'.
I'd have said there's something about heavy drinking that turns them into assholes rather than being abroad. As two videos which have gone viral recently, of yobs taking on more than than they bargained for in Swansea and Merseyside demonstrate:
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2009 on A Hard Lesson in Respect at Foreign Dispatches
One thing that I will say in their favour is that at least they've admitted that their decision is down to cowardice and fear of violence. Most of the newspapers that refused to reprint the images, despite their obvious pertinence to stories relating to the whole affair, went through ludicrous contortions to deny the blindingly obvious fact that they were scared to print them.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2009 on Who's Afraid of Mohammed? at Foreign Dispatches
Agreed. It is a superb book. I've recently been rereading his 'Culture' trilogy "Race & Culture", "Migration and Culture" & "Conquests & Culture" which are also incredibly good. The last one in particular.
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Jade Goody, Princess Di and Susan Boyle- the people's princesses.
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"in 2000 Blair made sure he was the first Western leader to meet Putin " And that worked out appallingly with the British government giving diplomatic cover for Putin's transformation of Russia back into a totalitarian state, and the mass slaughter in Chechnya. Meanwhile Russia rewarded Blair's sucking up by practicing nuclear terrorism in London (the Litvinenko murder). For once Brown is in the right.
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I find as hard to believe that stupidity is any more of an impediment for an actress than beauty.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2009 on Jessica Biel is Very Humble at Foreign Dispatches