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I realize this was one year ago, but if anyone's still reading this, please READ I Corinthians 11, starting at Verse 23. I say "READ" because all too often we "READ INTO" Scripture what we want it to say. What does it mean to have a healthy confession of The Lord's Supper? In my teaching, I equate Communion with a 3-million dollar tool for woodworking; in relation to faith, it's a wonderful tool that we MUST use carefully and with knowledge about the consequences if we don't use it carefully. That is the reason for instruction at the local church before receiving Communion. No LCMS church should have, in any way, suggested that Communion is NECESSARY for salvation. However, it IS necessary that one should know how to use this tool of faith. And I am paraphrasing the Large Catechism of Martin Luther when I say that. This is not just a peripheral part of the way Lutherans see things. This is central to our fellowship together as God's people. My own grandmother always "felt denied" when we asked her to refrain from Eucharist, since she didn't perceive the Body and Blood of our Lord as being really and truly present there in the pastor's hand. She never could focus on the positive things regarding this practice: the salutary and good use of the Sacrament increasing faith, the unity of the saints as a true unity, the blessing of a clear conscience toward God, etc. The point is NOT exclusion, but a proper use of God's gifts. Though I also care for the girl in the story, she ought to be instructed correctly and not led down a path of generic Protestantism. That is, if you really want to call yourselves Lutheran. If this came from the interfaith chapel, then that is fine and all in keeping with pluralistic, non-specific beliefs. But if we're talking Lutheran, let's be educated and get the facts straight.
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Oct 10, 2010