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Word Wenches is a blog featuring seven authors, plotting in the present, writing about the past. . . and improvising the rest. Authors include Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Rice, Anne Gracie, Susan King aka Susan Fraser King, Nicola Cornick, Andrea Penrose, Joanna Bourne, & Christina Courtenay.
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Farewell, Jo. May you enjoy doing the things you haven't had the time to do – and also time to just BE. :) LauraR
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In the mid-1980s, I visited friends deep in the Welsh countryside a few times, usually in summer. They lived in a large Edwardian house on the large estate that the father managed for a British hereditary aristocrat who still had money. After breakfast, we'd visit local villages, markets, and historic sites (ruins, churches, houses, landscapes), maybe play with the dogs on the lawn or tour the estate and visit the dad at work. One of our crowd did a bit of hunting on foot with a shotgun, but the rest of us preferred hiking and nature viewing. We might have lunch in a village or pub somewhere, or take a pack lunch if we were hiking. The daytime was active and busy. Everyone would get back to the house by 6pm for tea, which was pots of tea (go figure), fresh bread, butter, and really good honey. After we put away the tea things, our pace would slow down. We'd clean up, change clothes, read books, look at maps to plan the next day's hike or local adventure. A couple members of the group were knowledgable gardeners, so they'd collect samples of unfamiliar plants during the day and we'd page through botany books in the library in the evening, trying to identify them. There were several excellent artists in the family, living and dead, and I'd usually ask to see more portfolios, and someone in the family would tell me stories they remembered about the pieces I was looking at. Supper was late, 9pm or later. After we cleaned that up, there might be some BBC viewing, but I was usually ready for bed and book by then. And the next day, we'd do it all over again. Those visits to my friends were delightful, and the closest my real life ever got to being like a novel by E.M. Forster. Sadly, the parents, delightful people who I last saw when I visited them about 15 years ago, have both passed away in recent years. Those were such happy times I had at their home.
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